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RE: The Husbus Adventures Part 9 - Valencia

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lol did u pick the mandarins off the trees in Valencia? so interesting to look into ppls adventures of the past especially around 2011/2012 was a special time (i remember seeing meteor showers in India, like I never seen before. I too don't have many photos off this time period, first i soaked my camera so it was unusable on 6 months of my travels, then what ever pictures I did have somehow accidentally deleted them all , whilst trying to make space on a hard drive and I couldn't recover them. Some memories are better off just being imprinted in your mind.


Hihi yeh the previous part we got the manderinas lol. Was this mentor shower seen globally?!

Lol I haven't read the first part but if they were the ones from the trees I was told from locals they are for making Jams and too sour for eating and drinking lol probs why no one brought them. I think there were alot of meteors at that time, I guess u can see them wherever, some. Theories say the earth is flat or a dome so if this is the case then Yea I imagine so!

They were from inbettween tarragona and Valencia :) haha we were rookies