Vanajeros Part 1 // The United States, in Retrospect

in vanlife •  9 months ago

We packed our bags, we loaded up, we moved out, and moved into the van. Here is a portrait of our progress through the U.S., and the 5 weeks it took us to get to our first border crossing into Mexico. By the time you read this, our passports will be stamped, we'll be out of cell service, and dusting off our high school Spanish skills. This is our look back at our time spent together in the infancy of our travels, right until the moment we crossed into the territory that will make this project the one we envisioned.

Thanks to all the people we met along the way, and to our various tour guides we had as we traversed along the coast.

Super-Sonic by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Zebra by Beach House

GoWesty Camper Products
PeaceVans Seattle

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Dude I remember when I first heard you were starting this and I was so pumped on the idea. I constantly told people about what you were doing, "like I had something to do with it." Really though, it was so cool to see you out there getting after what you want, and now to see it all in action it really motivates me to keep pushing myself for what I want in life, and sometime rexamine the current path I have taken. Cheers buddy!