Finding Work in Vancouver

in vancouver •  10 months ago

A little video I made about how I found work in Vancouver when I moved there. Some useful tips for anyone looking to settle there.

The steps I took to get a job were:

  1. Search for the latest jobs on Craigslist and take note of the ones that interested me
  2. Rewrite my resume to be tailored to the top 5 jobs that appealed to me from the list
  3. As a British expat I also had to rewrite my resume (CV) so that it met Canadian standards.
  4. Send out resume and cover letters for to each of the companies by email
  5. Buy the cheapest shoes you can find from Army and Navy
  6. Attend the interview

Craigslist Vancouver Jobs:
Rewrite your CV into a Canadian resume:

Thanks to Nicholas Banks for the new logo! Check out his site at


Must Have Software:

Other Must Haves:

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