Someone Is Always Looking For What You Have To Offer

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Someone Is Always Looking For What You Have To Offer

This is a very interesting topic and a bit passionate for many as well. We all want to live a happy life with ourselves and maybe with someone too. We all have really good things we have built over time and they deserve to be appreciated by anyone that really wants your heart. Like i always say, no one is perfect and anyone will find weaknesses in you as well. Nothing surprising for my point of view.


I believe the bottom line is to value yourself the best you can because believe or not, you do have a lot to offer if you have a big heart for anyone. You can be a humble person and you do not show off what you have to offer, but never forget who you are and how valuable you are for many. Just the fact you are following these type of posts makes you valuable for me.

Timing to find that person to value you is usually not when you want it (I may be wrong). In many cases, you have to go with the flow to find out what the world and the universe has to offer you along the way. The ones you think they have it all, really may not have a lot, and the ones you least expect have so much.

If you already have that person that appreciates you, just do your best to keep everything alive everyday. Water that plant very often to keep it alive and never let it die.

You have in you a lot offer, be brave and humble and the universe will do the rest.

Many blessings to of you my friends.


"Love is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you are going to get"
"Be there for your love ones when it rains, they know you'll stand with them when it shines"
"The power of your words depends on the power of your actions"
"Save yourself, Your Life Is 100% Your Responsibility"
"Make your future bigger than your Past"
"Take care of your dreams today, so your dreams take care of you tomorrow"
"Your kindness will always return to you in any way, shape or form"
"If you want to get an education, just travel the world"
"Beautiful things in life are beautiful, because they were hard to achieve"
"Love everybody the same way you love yourself. If you don't love yourself, you have no one to love"
"You change the world by changing yourself and providing a little bit of kindness everyday"
"Never look down on someone, unless you are helping them up"
"Take care of your body, so your body takes care of you"
"You can't give others what you don't have; If you do, you're giving part of yourself"
"Embrace your dream with passion and love, and money will come after you"

Stay blessed.

Note: Each post is created out of life experiences and personal opinion. There is nothing written in stone, your opinion is valuable and can be different.



You are right @javybar love is most important but any one is more important who offer you and who take care of your self . My wief is appriciate with me I enjoying my life with my family which I want to care of them

Good you have a family that can be there for you at any moment. If you feel happy, your are far ahead of many. Congrats :)

Well said, be Polite and kind hearted with other without losing your respect. One day you will find the person exactly that is your real follower and admirer. Keep your admirer happy. Thanks for sharing @javybar

Totally agree with you my friend :)

That's fantastic article to reading and following. We have big offer to find succeed and need to less our wrong suggestions. Be brave and humble. Humble is most valuable content. Thanks you for sharing @javybar. Stay blessed.

That's exactly the main message of the content my friend, thank you the support and contribution :)

The words that have very profound meaning. I really agree with you @javybar. a person will increase his or her glory if you have a humble nature of appreciating others. cherish others if we want to be respected.

You definitely got the message my friend, It is an honor to provide this type of content, thank you :)

I completely agree with you, my friend, all to be in ourselves and we must find the best that we can lay out to people and ourselves. I am sure that there will be a person in the world who will appreciate us and that person, we can give the best that is in us! Thank you @javybar

Of course! we have 7 billion people in this planet, there is always someone out there compatible with you. We just have to go with the flow and act to have the universe is offering. Thank you for your contribution.

Be happy when we find people who accept all the advantages and disadvantages that we have. And we must also be grateful and able to accept the advantages and disadvantages of our spouse.

No one is perfect, but we must keep trying to be perfect, at least perfect for ourselves and our partner.

Loved it! Very true, thank you.

I agree ,if both persons meet they will live happily forever thatbis why it is said search for the person who is in need for the same...

that's called looking for compatibility my friend. Thank you very much :)

Yeah dear very perfect choice..if you happy your life with ourselves and maybe with someone too.a person good live her life if he live doing want with other person and he said doing other person why is need for the same position.obviously great word useing in your blog.absolutely super dear.. I like your thought... .its really perfect opinion of your best tropic dear ... your thought always perfect dear..i appreciate your giving always right time right thing gift for every steemians..its helped me my work improved doing in my steemit platform.. my needs your helped for my dream success in the future..i wish your best of luck and take care yourself dear... every dream being successs for your help.i want always your support..its my future dream..dear.. @javybar very well done

I appreciate it my friend, keep up the good work :)

thank you for your appreciating comment my best friend... best of luck of your good work. i miss you very much.. dear.. friend. @javybar

You are special for someone and some one special for you. We should make honourable and great ourselves . Because if we make ourselves selfish or cheater then someone special will be heart

You are very correct! Thank you for your contribution :)

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