Value art over money - On moving a piano through the air

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There is a lot of talk about value here on steem. Value in economic sense. In sentimental sense. And sometimes I'm trying to add some layers of philosophical value on top of all that.

But today I feel like reflecting on art as a value, by sharing some of my happiness. Of a choice I had to make, and which wasn't easy. But I did make a choice, and I'm extremely happy I did. Even though it costed a lot of money... Value cannot always be measured economically. I would even say, it can hardly ever be measured in money, even though most people do it anyway.

Value art over $.png


When I grew up, we had a baby grand piano that I learned to play the piano on. The smallest size possible in grand pianos (we had no spare wall available). An old one, nothing extremely fancy and not more expensive at the time than a normal piano. But an instrument I stared to love, and I still love it. Even though its economic value is not very high, as it is old and never 100% in tune. But the way it plays... it's just amazing.

So, when my mother moved, there was a decision to be made. Sell it, or move it. Move it to my own home, as she didn't want to bring it along (for good reasons). it took me a long time to decide. Was it worth the expense, to move it, to move it to the first floor, which is not cheap at all, more expensive than the actual value of the piano itself (at least if you want to have it done in a way that makes sure your instrument is handled right...)

In the end I decide to do it. Spend one type of value (hard cash) for another type of value (that of being able to enjoy making art). Time will tell if it was the right decision. But at least it was a nice experience, seeing a (baby) grand piano hanging mid-air!

At least it is time to dust of my sheet music. I'm really looking forward to be able to play again, working from home has just gotten even better!

So yes, choosing artistic value over economic value, any day. If possible.



Value is its own currency. Glad you were in a position to do this, makes for a cool little tale.

Ah, this is a constant struggle, judging the value of money against something intangible you're investing in. It's harder when cryptocurrency is involved, because now you're judging whether to spend that money on a service of moving that piano, or taking that same money and buying cryptocurrency as an investment in the future. That's a struggle I've had every time I casually spend money lately.

My wife has a 9' concert grand piano, and we had to move it from Wisconsin to Florida (about 1500 miles) when we moved. Definitely not cheap, but neither was the piano, so at least the decision was easy.

I am not really a sentimental person in the traditional sense of the word. Some things do have sentimental AND practical value to me. Having a piano-mad sister, I totally get this.

That piano is gorgeous, @nobyeni! It is a struggle balancing monetary value for intrinsic or sentimental value, but sometimes a choice has to be made. I'm sure you chose the right one. I wish you much musical bliss in the near future!

Value comes from infinite process we are in. More something "embraces process", more it has value.

I think it was money well-spent, too! Even if you took that money to buy a different piano and have the dealer move it to your home for free, there's no chance it will feel or sound the same, nor will it have the sentimental value that this one does.

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