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Screenshot from 2018-07-21 16-02-30.png

Here the explorer and the nodes

Screenshot from 2018-07-21 14-36-05.png

#Install Polkadot

curl -sSf | sh
sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev

#Then, install Polkadot PoC-2:

cargo install --git --branch v0.2 polkadot

#Then start Polkadot for create the folders.

polkadot --telemetry --name '🐞 your own name here 🐞'

#If you want to sync from the 0 block, no need do any more from this guide., You are done. and have your node running. Congratulations, go to Riot chat Polkadot and claim some TestDots.

#If you want to sync from block 798,671 continue this guide.

From here = At your own risk. You must be careful when downloading files from unknown sources, they may have viruses or worse.

#If Polkadot start ok, STOP (CRTL +C)

#Open dir for Data base

cd .local/share/Polkadot/chains/krummelanke/

#Delete the actual DB

sudo rm -r db/*


#Download the data base to #798,671 Blocks

wget -c '' -O db.tar.gz


tar -xzf db.tar.gz

#Copy to the right folder

cp -r db/* .local/share/Polkadot/chains/krummelanke/db

#Delete useless files.

sudo rm -rf db

rm db.tar.gz

#Start Polkadot with the new data base.

polkadot --telemetry --name '🐞 your own name here 🐞'

#After this, your Polkadot POC-2 last block have to be 798,671.

#Enjoy Polkadot.

#Go to Riot Chat and claim some free TestDots and play



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