Happy Valentine's Day!

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I love Valentine's Day. I love the cards, the chocolate, the flowers, and the dinners.

I especially love it now that I am a mom. I love the crooked cut out hearts on white computer paper, with red scribbles on them, the more fancy "pop up" cards I get from the older kid, the leftover chocolates that they handpicked from their pile, the picked flowers, and making them a nice meal.

Bild von Terri Cnudde auf Pixabay

It makes me feel super special.

Today, I had a whole day planned with waffles for breakfast, and a nice mid morning walk, taking the younger too, to an (already paid for) card making event while I hung out with the oldest, and then taking my boy to hip hop class and making them their favorite dinner.


Yeah the "new" one that I am still paying for, just left me out in the street.

Now I don't have milk for the waffles, am slightly too far to get to the card making class, most def can't get to hip hop, but am grateful that I already have everything I need for dinner.

Good thing we have plenty to eat and each other (sappy sap sap, but real sentiment).

Good think steem is mooning, loving the price soars.

What are you doing for Valentines Day? Or, since I am in California and "always late" what did you DO for Valentine's Day?

Are you already buying Valentine's Day cards on sale for next year?


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Glad you got everything for a great dinner... Sometimes when we plan do things... It happened the other way round... But most important of all, all the one we love are with us... And that's all it takes to make it a special moment.

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It was a great day, and my kids loved their meal. I got lots of cards and there are still chocolates laying around the house. Thanks for stopping by :)

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