The most romantic day of Valentines

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Let's all celebrate this very special day of the year, this is the perfect day to spread, show and share our love for our loved ones. Happy Valentine's Day!!


Feel the essence of this Valentine's Day
Many couple's favorite day of the year
One of the best thing to do for today
Is to get near with your loved ones
Hold them tightly and shed your greatest teardrops
Wait until the moonlight and stars shine thru your loving arms
Go to the place you wanne be
Feel the presence of each loving heart
Set each soul in its freedom
Break the chain that holds emotions
Feel the touch and warm
Claim each others feelings
In this loveliest day of this season
The most romantic occassion
I hope that we enjoy its real essence
Never lose yourself for this day
Be with your very love ones
Make this very special day to be Unforgettable
All I can say for this very moment
Is to spread the love of this Valentine's Day

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happy valentine to u

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happy val to you

Awesome. Happy Valentines to you

Beautiful pic friend