Bank of America - My Valentine's Day Breakup

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Sorry, BoA but I'm breaking up with's not me, it's you.


I used to use Bank of America as my bank. I opened the free checking account long ago & since discovering crypto, I have tried to use banks as little as possible...I even stopped using this BoA Checking account...


Recently, I received a letter informing me of this new TRUTH, brought down from the kingdom of above...the BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR BoA!!!! It stated:


Checking accounts are not free anymore, we now charge you for accessing your money.

I mean what a concept. Have you ever treated any of your customers this way??


But the banks do not worry about losing their customers, because they have a "government-sanctioned-monopoly" and know you cannot take your business elsewhere because competition is supressed!!

  • While I was at the bank, I was listening to a promotion for Merrill Lynch investment services... It went like:

USE Merrill Edge's Investment expertise to actively manage your portfolio using the best experts Merrill Edge has to offer...

WHAT THE HELL??? I remember in 2009 Merrill Lynch was INSOLVENT and Bank of America was required to purchase your sorry ASSets in a firesale, why would I want your EXPERTISE????


So I am at the bank and these people are such shills man...I closed my account so I am no longer subject to Bank of America's Centralization and command and control...

The entire time the sweet banker lady was trying to talk me into not closing the account and how they were capable of helping me meet me individual goals...

But my future is going to involve:

  • Creating more exposure for Steemit
  • Investing in crypto
  • Passionately sharing my life with the people and animals I love!
  • ... so I doubt her suggestion would be correct.


I would also like to thank everyone in the Steemit Community for cultivating such a wonderful environment for me to join recently last month. I have been reinvesting my SBD into SteemPower & this platform is GREAT! I am showing it to everyone...

Have a great day and Thank you....

Oh &I received $18.05 when I closed my checking account in what should I do with that cash?? I know...


Thank you Steemit...
It's been a great month!