My first that was never mine!!!

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So everyone be talking about valentine! Valentine!! Valentine!!!

Well to be plain I am not really a fan of valentine, it had never been special for me except for one when i tried but it was fucked up. So yes i am going to tell you a little story about my valentine and my crush!!!

I am already laughing at myself now sef...

So when i was much younger i had this really cute guy i had a crush on. I didn't really like boys but this one swept me off my feet.😍😍😍 My friends were happy for me of course they n3ver believed i would like a boy, i myself never believed i would like a guy either.

So it was getting closer to Valentine's day i had this valentines card ready for a long time. Did i tell you how I've had a crush on him for so long, since my junior secondary and i got that card since my jss3 with this lovely fluffy heart shaped thing. That i valued so much. Of course why won't i value it i got it for my crush.

I guess i need to tell you the contents of the card. At least the part i remember. So it talked about how much i cherised our love and I'm happy i said yes. Also how i can't get over our candlelit dinner. Yeah!!! It doesn't sound sweet, how am i suppose to remember the exact content of the card. It's been long, i mean really long!!! Need to store other things in this head of mine.

Now the main was Valentine's eve my body was pinching me i couldn't wait to give him the present. For pits sake how tf was i even going to give him i mean I'm a shy person and obviously from the content of the card it was for couples💑💏👫 wtf was i even doing or thinking....i guess love makes us stupid😁😁. I went to his house because we lived in the same neighbourhood, of course i couldnt fave him so i dropped it by his gate.

And boom!!!....he was standing close to the gate with his dog, and of course his dog could sniff me and he went close to the gate and started barking. Obviously i needed to run so i don't get caught. Not so good at running, he saw me and he saw the present. He called me back, what made him think i would answer?. What made him think i was bold to even answer?, if i was why didnt i give him the present personally?

I was embarrassed of course. Never wanted to see him again or even talk to him again. And you're right!!!!!.....i stopped talking to him i would just walk pass without saying anything. I mean i just shoot my shot and he couldn'teven say anything😣😣😢😢😭😭. He hurt my feelings.

So he was my first valentine that was never mine..

Never had a valentine after that.

Anyways its not too late to wish you all a Happy Valentine's day and don't forget to show love to others. Anddon't forget lovedon't cost a thing

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I think I saw that thing. I was suprised but I didnt ask you. For the records, the guys name is Valentine.



Nice one @edimay
very interesting valentine story. I feel the guy was also shy shaa.