Are you getting 20% off at amazing yet?

in vacuum •  19 days ago  (edited)

I love It's been one of the earliest bitcoin app out there there and still works flawlessly today.

It allows you to save 20-30% on every one of your amazon purchases. Like this one I just placed:


It actually works

When first hearing about it, most people are faced with dis-believe. After all why would people buy their bitcoins this way at a very steep 20-30% premium?

The answer is this is a remittance program between people with amazon credit that want to liquidate them. How would you liquidate your amazon credit or gift card?

The answer is purse is a perfect service for this.

So it works and has been for me since 2014.

Here are some recent orders of mine:


And here some orders from all the way back to 2014:


As you can see I have always been able to get 20-30% off, even though sometimes the number was a lot lower.


Its best to have some time when ordering with purse. I like to start high with like 25% or even higher and reduce the discount %-age after a day or two if nobody has accepted the offer.

There is no good way to determine what the ideal %-age is at any time, so I find this works best when you have time. If you want something quick then reducing the discount to 20% or lower generally works well.

Laterly even with 25% I have had my orders being accepted within the same day.

Here is an example of the latest thing I had ordered:






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After all why would people buy their bitcoins this way at a very steep 20-30% premium?

please explain this further. You bought stuff with BTC and people sold you the stuff because they have gift cards that they want to turn into BTC? I don't understand...

  ·  19 days ago (edited)

The process works like this:

  1. You place items you want to buy in a wishlist at amazon
  2. You hand this over to purse along with btc and the price you are willing to pay in btc in (purse broker and escrow in one)
  3. Someone that accept the price then buys the wish list which whatever funds they have (they don't know who u are or where this goes, they just pay for it and amazon handles the shipping etc).
    They usually do this because they have amazon credit (such as gift card or worked for amazon) that they need to liquidate.
  4. Amazon ships the package
  5. Once you received the package you confirm delivery and the btc gets transferred. You have saved money and the the buyer has liquidated their amazon coins for btc

If at any point there is an issue purse steps in and makes sure everything is handled correctly.

IF you need to return your stuff, it works the same way as any other amazon shipment.

I have not tried to buy something 20% off and return it for a 100% refund.

Interesting concept, Thank you for explaining.
What I find to be a bit problematic is the gift card thing. I know that a lot of bad people abuse the gift card system. (black money and other payments)

It cannot be due to the fact that there is a middleman and you won't sign over the btc until you received your package. So there is 0 risk when buying. But you may lose time.

Thanks a lot for Your upvote 😀 great!!!

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i never tried that but looks something to try for sure seems like i need to give it a try soon

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