Vaccines Safe? Effective?

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Safe? Effective?

Definition of safe?

  1. protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost

  2. uninjured; with no harm done
    "they had returned safe and sound"
    unharmed, unhurt, uninjured, unscathed, all right, .

Whenever the safety of any vaccine is brought into question, the standard response from health officials and the vaccine industry is that vaccines are safe and effective. For example, when a report came out that teenage girls were having serious adverse events following receiving the Gardasil shot, including 18 deaths (1), Merck and the CDC responded with the statement that “Gardasil is safe and effective”, and “appears safer than most vaccines.”(2)

In 1999 RotaShield, a vaccine for rotavirus was taken off the market because it was found to cause intussusception (a type of bowel obstruction that occurs when the bowel folds in on itself). (4) Therefore a new vaccine was sought after and developed – RotaTeq.





Beyond containing polysorbate 80, cancer, viruses, and likely mycoplasma, the Gardasil vaccines are contaminated in an additional way. It is contaminated with genetically engineered DNA. It can also contaminate people's DNA, just as genetically engineered crops can contaminate normal crops. Gardasil itself is contaminated with a man-made version of the HPV DNA, the very virus it was supposed to protect against, which now it threatens not only altering kids' healthy DNA with synthetic DNA (!) but with a diseased version.

Gardasil was suspended in India after 4 girls died but the killing has gone on in the US despite the confirmed deaths of 100 girls. and now the CDC, with special ties to Merck, its maker, wants all boys to take it, too.

Current Data for Gardasil up to AUG 12, 2011

Disabled 763
Deaths 103
Did Not Recover 4777
Abnorm. Pap Smear 430
Cervical Dysplasia 157
Cervical Cancer 41
Life Threatening 444
Emergency Rm. Visit 9115
Hospitalized 2307
Extended Hosp. Stay 201
Serious 3111
Adverse Events 23388

But these figures are based on statistics from medical professionals who do not wish to be sued. In reality, "less than 10% of deaths, seizures, paralysis, etc., are being reported as caused by the vaccinations that doctors gave in their office.

The following real-world estimates are based on reports from a law firm:

840 young girls and 2 boys have died after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine 201,010 young girls have suffered debilitating events such as fatigue, seizures, paralysis, etc. after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine.

“Serious reactions to vaccines are rare. You have no proof a vaccine did that to your child.”
According to the Centers for Disease Control, adverse reactions to vaccines are not rare. The CDC admits that, “approximately 30,000 VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] reports are filed annually, with 10-15% classified as serious.”

Compensation paid out for vaccine harm (Billions) LOOK

IMR~ Infant Mortality Rate

Over 60 countries better?


According to the New England Journal of Medicine 1987; 316:771-74; Journal of the American Medical Association 1990; 263:2467-71; and several CDC MMWR reports, Measles occurred in the following years, school populations and the percent that were vaccinated:
1984 58 percent of all school age children who contracted measles were vaccinated
1985 99 percent in the Corpus Christi, Texas, measles outbreak were fully vaccinated
1986 96 percent of the Dane County, Wisconsin, measles outbreak were vaccinated
1988 69 percent of all school age children who contracted measles were vaccinated
1989 89 percent of all school age children who contracted measles were vaccinated
1995 56 percent of all measles cases occurred in previously vaccinated persons

You can be
"Infectious transmissible" for 21+ days


LIVE VACCINES Spread disease.

More on Vaccines spread disease? or

According to a 2004 report by Neil Z. Miller of the Global Vaccine Institute, the live polio virus from the vaccine can remain in your throat for one to two weeks, and in your feces for up to two months. So not only is the vaccine recipient at risk, but he or she can potentially spread the disease as long as the virus remains in feces.

"Effective" means that a vaccine is injected (vaccination) into the patient, and the patient develops an antibody. Vaccination does not mean that the patients develops an immunity.
Scientists prove that the antibodies from vaccinations

To prove this, scientists from HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, M.I.T., massachusetts general, san raffaele institute (Italy), and other institutes, co-authored and published on how they removed all antibodies from mice, leaving only B-Cells, which successfully fought off lethal viruses. This debunks vaccine manufacturers who say that vaccines are necessary to convey immunity. This
suggests that repeated vaccinations could be the reason why some vaccinated people lose their natural immunities, as their body tends to unnaturally rely on temporary, antibody-based immunities.
Immunity 2012 Mar 23; 36(3): 415-426:

So the new definition of SAFE is
death, numerous life long dysfunctions, disabilities, diseases and serious brain damage.

We will add to the definition of effective > shedding , infecting, temporary (booster) and compensation for injuries.

Doctors who inject children with vaccines are delusional. They are practicing a medical holocaust against humanity while fraudulently calling it "immunization." For the record, vaccination does not equal immunization. Vaccines do not immunize they sensitize!
Corporate-controlled "science" isn't real science at all.
These are trained doctors NOT educated doctors.

As a physician, it is your sworn duty to cause no harm. As a human being, it should be your duty to watch over fellow beings. As an educator, it is should be your responsibility to teach awareness and understanding. As a scientist, it it should be your duty to separate cause from coincidence. As a man, should be your responsibility to stand up to power, with truth and understanding, when those that wield power are in error.

Andrew Moulden


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It's safe and effective... A safe way for them to poison you.. 'cuz there is no legal consequence for them and an effective way to get your money long term.. That's what "safe and effective" means....

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"When you give somebody a disease — even by the standards of their time — you really cross the key ethical norm of the profession," said Arthur Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics.

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