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RE: Dr. Andrew Wakefield a VILLAIN or a HERO? Here's what the Mainstream Media has left out ...

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Interesting. I've never heard Wakefield speak. Even if the media image painted of him were true, there would still be enough information out there to make any true skeptic have concerns about conflict of interest and fraud in the CDC. It gets really scary when these concerns are met with hatred and ridicule. The issue is forbidden to talk about, which only makes it more of a concern that something is very wrong.


I know that I did not hear about Dr. Wakefield until several years after I learned about vaccinations. My oldest unvaccinated child must have been about 4 years old (he's now 12) when I realized who Dr. Wakefield was. And I had LOADS & LOADS of information against vaccinating my child without his research. Actually, autism itself wasn't a big part of my decision. Plus I had never heard of Jenny McCartney either.

Finally, after I kept reading in news articles that Dr. Andrew Wakefield and actress Jenny McCartney were THE reason that I had chosen not to vaccinate, I decided that I had better look up who they were and listen to a bit of what they had to say.

So, yes you are right that there is PLENTY of information out there to make one very, very skeptical about vaccinations.

Yes, I had the exact same experience researching vaccines, minus the children. That strategy to discredit a movement of new information I think is called the straw man fallacy. What about the trials not including the entire vaccine schedule, or the ridiculous vaccine schedule, or the history of fraud within pharmaceutical companies and the CDC, or conflict of interest, how washington, the CDC, FDA, and pharma is all one big revolving door? But most importantly, what about all the children who have unquestionably had serious adverse reactions, sometimes fatal? Even if we just look at the cases settled in court, isn't that enough to at least deserve a mature conversation about the whole thing? Instead I'll be labelled an "anti-vaxxer" even though I'm not against the science. I'm anti-exploitation, anti-manipulation, and anti-greed. You'd think there was some kind of conspiracy to manipulate public opinion.

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