Social media giants move to shut down the debate on vaccine safety. Welcome to 1984

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The American Medical Association (AMA) recently urged big social media & tech companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube to "help combat the spread of misinformation about vaccinations on their platforms" and since then a co-ordinated effort to shut down the debate on vaccine safety has begun.

These companies represent a huge section of the internet and now that they are actively reducing the visibility of those speaking out against vaccines I am left wondering how this will effect the younger generations who rely so heavily on these platforms to provide links to world news & events? Their perspective will be very one sided and a generation from now the brainwashing will be complete.

Removing one side of the argument does not take away from the fact that there is still an argument! Shouldn't all of us be entitled to at least hear the argument and make our own mind up?

Not when their strength is built on our ignorance.


George Orwell was spot on, but Big Brother is not only watching you, he is controlling what you see and how you think. And he does not have your best interests at heart.

The move to shut down the debate was encouraged by the World Health Organization, in the name of public safety, giving this as their reason:

The WHO recently named “vaccine hesitancy” as one of the biggest global health threats of 2019. The designation comes as the United States grapples with a sudden resurgence of measles, a disease that was declared eliminated in 2000 by the CDC as a result of extensive use of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. More than 100 cases have cropped up since the beginning of the year — more cases than were reported in the United States in all of 2016. Washington Post

"one of the biggest global health threats of 2019"?

This is absurd! Knowing what I know about vaccines it seems to me that the biggest threat to our health is the creation of a one sided argument, dictated by those selling the vaccines.

"grapples" with more than 100 cases of measles?

What exactly were they grappling with? With a population of over 300M, just 100 cases hardly seems worth mentioning. Yet mention it they do.

Just to clarify, measles is very unlikely to kill you unless you are severely malnourished. And once you have had it you will never have it again, so to all extents and purposes it is the most effective vaccine out there. And it's free!

Why is there so much fear around this disease? Back in the 'old days' getting measles was all part of life and no big deal. I remember having it myself.

Let's take a look at exactly what these companies are doing:


Last month YouTube demonetised anti-vax channels disincentivising people to make films about this subject.

They have also added 'facts' from wiki under anti-vax films (amongst others):

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Where are the 'facts' under pro-vax films pointing us toward the other side of the argument?

Not likely.


Just in the last few weeks they have started removing anti-vax films from their Prime Video streaming service:

Facing Public Pressure, Amazon Pulls Anti-Vaccine Content From Prime Video

CNN are also calling for a ban on anti-vax books being sold on Amazon:

Anti-vaccination conspiracy theories thrive on Amazon

Let us not forget that Amazon also owns Kindle.


Facebook made an annoucement a week ago, entitled Combatting Vaccine Misinformation, a section of it seen here:

Screen Shot 20190319 at 09.24.56.png

That last point sounds a lot like they will end up with a similar system to YouTube where wiki 'facts' are forced upon us when viewing content which challenges the status quo.


Initially they blocked search results related to all vaccination subjects, stating that they were looking for a "more effective" method of dealing with this.

Today they have reduced the visibility of anti-vax tags and if you Pin a subject which questions vaccine safety your message from them will be this:

One or more of your Pins about vaccines has been highlighted as containing medical misinformation. Per our policy, this content will remain available to you, but it will be hidden from circulation on Pinterest as it contains claims that are considered to be misleading or inaccurate by the medical community. source

I can't seem to find any info about what moves Google or Twitter have made, but we can be sure that even if nothing has yet been done, it will be.

How did it happen that corporations get to decide what is vaccine 'misinformation' and what is not? Can people not see the conflict of interest here?

It is well-known that the U.S. corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media censors all contrary vaccine information, so it is vitally important that the alternative media and social media remain free of censorship on the vaccine debate, so people can be aware of the fact that vaccines do carry risk of harm. Green Med Info

Unfortunately these giant corporations are all in bed together.

The best vaccine you can give a child is its mother's breast milk, but with little to gain from revealing these kind of facts, corporations move only to eliminate all opposing voices from the debate so that the production of vaccines continues to increase into the next decade.

Here is Esteban with a little message for those corporations.

Am trying to keep this lighthearted because I find vaccines the hardest subject of all to write about. The more I see how the world is moving away from nature towards a complete reliance on big pharma, the more it makes my blood boil.

I would much rather write about how Esteban likes drawing smiley faces!

But I cannot in good conscience let this latest news go without an article.

Even before I knew Sabrina was pregnant with Esteban I spent a serious amount of time researching this subject, the culmination of which can be seen here:

Vaccines & the hidden agenda: a detailed examination of the facts

I made this film in 2016 in response to a bunch of haters who didn't like my decision:

I mentioned George Orwell's vision of the future 1984, but in truth the situation is closer to the vision of the future portrayed by the movie Idiocracy.

Have you seen it?

The opening scene provides a comedic look at the problem of IQs deteriorating over time and it's pretty funny.

In conclusion

This issue goes beyond whether or not we are pro or anti vaccines.

It is about our right to free speech in a society where the public square has gone digital and major corporations, political leaders and so-called scientific experts are being left to decide what we are allowed to see, discuss and know.

And there is something deeply wrong with this picture.

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What is scary is that .... you have to take two pieces.

  1. Cancer curing. Not NCI cancer treatment, but actual cures and what they are finding.
  2. Independent test about what is in a vaccine shot.

So, the independent tests have found all kinds of JUNK in vaccine shots. Things that were put in there, not accidental. And, they found this one organic molecule... that isn't classified.

Now, cancer curing people are finding that this one organic molecule is one of the triggers for turning cells cancerous.

(sorry can't remember names. Clif High was mentioning it in his cancer videos)

So, what the fuck is a cancer causing agent doing in a vaccine?
What the fuck is mercury doing in a vaccine?
What the fuck is heavy metals doing in a vaccine?
Why the fuck is their different levels/grades of vaccines? Ones for people on insurance, one for people paying for it?

These questions shouldn't even exist if we were having a proper discussion.

So, the MSM is trying to poison your children.


Madness. Yep, the more I learn about this subject the more it makes my blood boil.

How long will it be before us providers of 'misinformation' are committing crimes by speaking about this on social media? Not long it seems.

Everything is okay! 👌

You received an automatic vote, because I believe in you and I love what you create! ;)

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

I love promoting !sbi status


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As always well done to you for a simply fantastic post regarding vaccine issues worldwide.

I myself did not know anything about the side affects of vaccines so my first child had most of her vaccines "which we had to pay through our ears for to make sure she has the "latest & best" 6in1" she is now 9 and till today we face damages (thank god they are light). Before my second child I was instructed to have the latest MMR 6months before conceiving to make sure my immunity was there.. well it is now around 7yrs later and the memory loss, mood swings and terrible skin conditions I still experience thanks to their "prevention method" makes my blood boil.

Keep spreading the word @samstonehill we need so many more like you out there!


Hello again! I went over to your page and enjoyed being able to catch the moment of your return here :)

Your timing is perfect, from a market standpoint. The only way is up from here! We believe ;)

Wow... your story is shocking. I wasn't aware women were expected to have MMRs before conception. How on earth do they justify this? Can't immunity be checked a simpler way?

I cannot imagine what that must be like for you, but my heart is with you.

Sending some hugs from France 🌷

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hi Sam,
Brilliant and very important post - your work in this area is fantastic and much appreciated. Huge congratulations on avoiding vaccinating your children. The dangers of the vaccines and many medicines produced by the cash fuelled big Pharma is extremely worrying indeed. I think I may have a possible answer to many of these problems... all medical, religious and political jobs and offices should not be rewarded by money. Once some one decides they want to go into these social services they should be taken care of for life but never have the opportunity to profit by bribe or inducement at any time including their retirement. Basically to remove the thought of profit from these areas - while making sure such people are very well clothed, housed and fed but never allowed to profiteer in these areas, ever!

On a side note on the evils of Big Pharma ... I recently heard that not one single person who takes AZT for Aids has ever survived! ... 100% death rate - complete failure (or just deadly in it's own right!) ... while I have heard of many people completely cured by doctor who used only good diet to cure Aids patients who had been condemned to death by the establishment! Time for change.

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Once some one decides they want to go into these social services they should be taken care of for life

That is actually the best solution I've ever heard! Trouble is, we have for the most part been brainwashed to want more than our neighbour. So being 'taken care of' would not be enough.

But it really makes total sense though. Thank you for this thought!

As for your Aids story, I have seen this with my own eyes. I met a few people with this disease in SA all of whom were doing fine without any the need for any doctor. Just an attention to optimal nutrition.


Thank you Sam,
Always a pleasure! Yes indeed - diet is so very important... and the provision of real quality food food for all, untainted by chemicals, not damaging our wildlife or environment.

keep well :D

Dear @samstonehill

We're living in very interesting times ... on one hand I understand that debates can easily be used by mass media to create another wave of fear. But at the same time to shut it down - it's also not a solution.

Their perspective will be very one sided and a generation from now the brainwashing will be complete.

Try to add AI that will help brainwash next generation and you will have terryfing picture ....



It is hard to quantify the effects of AI though I feel sure you are right. My son has an app on the ipad called babytube, like youtube but for babies! It suggests films to watch for him, just like youtube, and what I have noticed is that his learning process & understanding of the world is hugely influenced by these suggested films. Feels like it is intentional when endless films showing sweets and cakes being eaten keep coming up! Where are the films about kids eating broccoli???

Mind control starts at an early age and it is tough to avoid on the internet these days.


Thank you for your comment @samstonehill

Where are the films about kids eating broccoli???

Gone with the wind :)

Sorry for such a late reply. Just wanted to let you know that I only had a chance to read your comment now and I appreciate you being so responsive.

You keep posting really quality content. Perhaps you could always send me memo with link to your publication and 2-3 sentences description ? I will gladly support you with upvote, will drop a comment.

Especially if your publication will be related to crypto,blockchain,AI, economy or psychology (just don't send me memos like every day hehe)

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Please keep in mind, that you can count on my help (whenever I can support you, I will) :)


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