Uh oh...vaxxers...FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS...and this biochemist is bringing the hammer.

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The Big Pharma push for mandatory vaccination is taking place right smack in the middle of a wave of new information about the LIES and MISINFORMATION they have been spreading about the supposed safety and efficacy of their concoctions.

(Dr. Brian Hooker...a TRUE public health hero.)

Yesterday, another Steemit information warrior posted one of the most crushing exposes of the vaxxinators I have ever read. It turns out that it has been PROVEN that some "vaccines" being forced on people DO NOT EVEN HAVE any "there" there...i.e. there was nothing but pure poison and junk in the stew, and no antigens at all! Please do have a look if you missed this (thanks to my friend @luca1777 for the assist):


Now, here comes the other "boot" to drop on the heads of these corrupted "medical professionals" and their vaccination regime:


Here is an excerpt:

"What nobody is acknowledging is the fact that these outbreaks are happening in highly vaccinated populations. Vaccination coverage of MMR has not dropped, so why is the media saying that parents aren’t vaccinating and therefore measles is making a comeback? ...Furthermore, the mainstream never seems to acknowledge the fact that measles outbreaks have occurred in heavily vaccinated populations throughout history. For example, a study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases... looked at evidence from the 2011 New York measles outbreak, which showed that individuals with prior evidence of measles vaccination and vaccine immunity were both capable of being infected with measles and infecting others with it (secondary transmission)."

(Courtesy of educate-yourself.org.)

Dr. Brian Hooker's testimony to the Washington State IDIOT REPRESENTATIVES who just voted to drop all exceptions/exemptions to vaccination for children to attend public schools is then transcribed, and it is an absolute BOMB SHELL. I'm tempted to just cut & paste it all here, but I will defer to good reporting practice and just PLEAD with you to go to the link just above and READ IT...especially if you are in one of the many states currently considering doing what Washington State (in their now INFORMED IDIOCY) just did.

In addition to an amazing compilation of MMR vaccine PROVEN FAILURES, there is also this which I will excerpt:

"Furthermore, what about the bioaccumulation of vaccine ingredients? Studies have also shown that injected aluminum does not exit the body, and can be detected inside the brain even a year after injection. There are several other vaccine ingredients like aborted human fetal cells, formaldehyde and MSG, why are these never looked at when studies are being conducted."

There are no very long term studies about the bioaccumulation of these poisons. Are you surprised? The FDA literally takes bribes (though they're never called that) to rush through certain applications for new drugs, many of them vaccinations. They don't have any studies of people who have had this crap pumped in them in anywhere near the levels we now inject people as to what happens to the body ten, fifteen or fifty years down the road. THEY JUST DON'T and that is a fact. They may have guesses and conjectures, but are you willing to risk your life, or those of your loved ones on that?

(Image courtesy of immunizationalternatives.org.)

THIS IS MANIFEST MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ON AN ENORMOUS SCALE with no true oversight, or (thanks to the legal immunity crap Congress passed) accountability.

Maybe, fifty years on, when all the Millennials and snowflakes who willingly trusted these people charged with protecting "public health" start to die of the accumulated industrial waste pumped into them, they will get an apology.

Maybe it will even be sincere.

But...I doubt it.

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People just need to understand that a certain % of the population are psychopaths, and that these psychopaths tend to gravitate to positions of power.
With that in mind, does it seem like a good idea to have a position where one decision maker in some government office can mandate a substance to be injected into the entire population ?

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson

Great post !


Thanks! I appreciate your reply very much.

Anti vaxx retard. GFY


Well who wouldn't change their mind after reading such a well thought out counterargument like you just made...


I hope you catch whatever you have not been vaccinated for.

Darwinism at it's finest!


And I wish you good health for you and your family until the end of your days.