The legislative calendar: Vaccination mandating v. parental rights.

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Today is the hearing in Maine over the libtard/big pharma push to remove exemptions and exceptions for parents not keen on their kids being pumped full of an array of poisons in the name of "public health." Maine looks to be in good shape, as hundreds of SANE, CAREFUL, INFORMED and intelligent parents are readying to descend upon the hearing room at 1:00 pm in Augusta.

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But, here is an update on the status of BOTH SIDES of this issue, but especially on the efforts to get "parental rights" bills pushed through several states to head off the need to mount these big efforts to resist tyranny after it's already "at the door:"

"Our Resolutionary Campaign is in full force, currently pursuing passage of Parental Rights Amendment Resolutions in six states. In addition, more than a dozen battles are looming in other states, most over bills that would threaten everything from vaccine exemptions to the privacy of your own home."

Be sure to check it out, and if you are a resident of one of these states, GET INVOLVED. Start by going to, clicking the sign up button to get regular updates, and then click the "contact us" link if you want to find out how you can help.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

...AND so will I.


Here is a brief excerpt:

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Thought the liberal granola parents were the Unvaxxed?

And against big pharmaceutical...

What? Why?

Watching both sides of the issue...

Not much encouragement to have faith in the human race becoming more enlightened....

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Unfortunately, up here, liberals tend to be VERY stupid.

There are a few liberals who are anti-vaxx, but most are conservatives, homeschoolers, libertarians, etc.


Sorry... But to point it out but we all have the same views.

The granola hippies anti-vax total homesteader permaculture? And the homeschooling?

It's neither left or right we all want freedom. It's how to get it that always eludes us.

Freedom and rights are what we need to confirm.. We all agree on that.


Well said.