"IT'S THE VACCINES, STUPID": The whole reason for the NCOVID-19 PLANNED outbreak.

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Nothing this big happens by accident in the modern world. Even Tucker Carlson--the first of what will eventually be a minor flood of MSM talking heads--gets it, AND TALKED ABOUT IT TWO DAYS AGO. The scientific proof is ON THE TABLE, and mostly being ignored. But there can be NO DOUBT that the pure-evil, humanity-culling NUT JOBS at the U.N., the C.D.C., the W.H.O., and the U.S. Congress (and their Communist/globalist cohorts inside the Chinese government) were involved in the formulating of this virus, and it's weaponization and release.

Some may want to excuse it all as some type of "accident," and while that is theoretically possible, all of what these cretins have been saying for years about humanity being the great danger to the planet, and their desperate need to take the light of themselves and the burgeoning global awareness of their many crimes, shouts that this situation is PLANNED AND MANIPULATED from lab to Wuhans lungs--and well, well beyond.


Who stands to benefit? "Cui bono??" ALWAYS ask that question in times like these. This strain of virus cold never do what it is doing had it come from the natural world. THIS ONE COMES STRAIGHT FROM THE PIT OF HELL. And...who benefits most--OF COURSE..WHOEVER CAN OFFER THE CURE!


It's in the vaccines. That's the kicked, and it's coming at "record speed."...i.e. there will soon be an announcement that "new advances in technology" have allowed for a vaccine to be developed for this virus in record time, and OF COURSE, that everyone must take it, and MUST HAVE PROOF ON THEIR PERSON THAT CAN BE SCANNED FROM A DISTANCE that they have take it to be allowed to go anywhere....or even TO LIVE.

Here is a new article on the degree to which TPTB are LOVING this outbreak and how they plan to use it to take away our last couple of persona liberties:


Here is an excerpt from that link:

"A news report describes the plight of 340 U.S. Diamond Princess ocean cruise passengers who had been kept onboard for a two-week quarantine off the coast of Japan, then boarded aircraft to return to the U.S. Fourteen (14) of these air evacuees were placed in onboard aircraft isolation chambers on specially rigged aircraft when it was found they tested positive for the coronavirus. All were non-symptomatic vacationers (meaning they were exposed to the coronavirus and developed their own natural antibodies). They were flown to continental quarantine centers in the U.S., in this instance, Texas and California.


One passenger said: 'It’s like a prison sentence for something I did not do. They are holding us hostage for absolutely no reason.' Another passenger said: 'You cannot imagine. Crazy or worst dream ever.'

The news report goes on to say 400 non-symptomatic passengers aboard the ocean liner had tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Again, that would mean they had naturally developed antibodies against this alleged deadly coronavirus on their own, without need for vaccination (no vaccine is currently available).

Natural antibodies against SARS, another coronavirus, appear to be long lasting and may possibly last a lifetime. So, the presumption is exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus and production of memory antibodies would also produce life-long immunity from this coronavirus...

If a new vaccine was composed of a 'live' attenuated virus, it may actually induce symptoms of the disease, lead to hospitalization and treatment-induced death (sepsis: hospital acquire blood infection or treatment error) or even re-expose patients to the coronavirus transmitted by healthcare workers who are more likely to be non-symptomatic carriers of the virus (all hospitalized patients and healthcare workers presumed to be vitamin D deficient due to the indoor work environment.)"

Indeed...and soon, the prison sentence sentencing you to home confinement will be coming to a neighborhood near you. They will start with that, and then they will eventually send teams out to force vaccinate anyone they can find who is not in their database of INJECTED AND CHIPPED MUFFIN HEADS who agreed to get vaccinated willingly. Resistors will be subdued or eliminated and take to the FEMA re-education camps.

Then there's this video which does an excellent job as well of explaining the real desires of the elites here:

CUI BONO? Never forget it, people.

Do NOT be lackadaisical and think this crisis will pass like all the others. This one has all the earmarks of the global deep-state "insurance policy" against the rest of decent humanity. This one's going to be a monumental and global struggle. ALL THE ELITES OF THE PLANET (with the possible exception of those in Iran, North Korea, and a few tiny African and South Pacific nations) are IN ON IT, and will act together against the rest of us.

Mark my words.

I put my chances of being wrong about this one at less than 25%

ARE YOU PREPPED YET??..especially spiritually? YOU WILL NEED TO BE RIGHT WITH YOUR GOD throughout this crisis, and you will need to be praying DAILY for His wisdom and discernment.



The non-innovative A.I inspired Trans Humans do not believe that humanity should exist according to the creator's design.
The former secretaries of state and NSA chief has been protected from justice and allowed to continue their plan to cull the population using the China pivot. Our current dictator of USA, Inc. only pretends to be a Nationalist in order to feed red meat to his side of the coin.


The Evidence is clear that the psychological operation. As they drop toxic chemicals from their pollution spewing aircraft, they also create false narratives to explain why people are having breathing problems. When a person goes to the hospital for a diagnosis, they are unaware that they have been herded to the slaughterhouse.


I couldn't agree more! Thanks for adding to the discussion here.

They just making money of people’s death then

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Indeed, good sir!