Five Virology professors CANCEL debate against one VAX truther.

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This is pathetic. How in the world do you invite one guy to a debate, wait until he pays for the plane ticket and flies in, and then cancel at the last second?

Somebody, methinks, has much to hide, and somebody also lacks the courage of their bought-and-paid-for "convictions."

Check this out:

Here is the excerpted statement from the one truther who was waiting and willing to stand up to the vaxxer liars:

"I flew to Hartford, Connecticut last night at the invitation of the Sen. Josh Elliott and the Connecticut State House’s Democratic leadership who are proposing to abolish Religious exemptions for vaccines. (Connecticut has among the highest vaccination rates; 97% With no threat to herd immunity, Pharma profits and medical authoritarianism are the impulses driving the legislation). Dems believed they had stacked the contest against me; alone I would debate five Yale Medical School Physicians and virology professors. The professors came with heavy vaccine industry pedigrees. Despite these 5-1 odds, I was confident I would easily dispatch them, the facts on vaccine safety argue themselves. For 15 years, Pharma has systematically pressured a long string of my scheduled opponents (Hotez, Offitt, etc) to cancel every one of dozens of agreed upon debates. Invariably they withdraw at the last minute as Pharma rallies its toadies to call them. I was looking forward to finally enjoying an honest and civil exchange with Yale’s vaccinology impresarios. 'This gang,' I told myself, 'will have too much pride to chicken out!' Wrong! I just got the word that all five Yale professors canceled at 3:00 a.m."

I think the answer is probably self-evident, but I am going to go ahead and ask it anyway. What, exactly, are they afraid of??

THE TRUTH is on our side. But truth only overcomes evil when the people are interested in the truth. Sadly, we live in an age when people value comfort and their false feelings of "safety" above all else. What the people do not realize is that their SILENCE is enabling not only the culture of lies to flourish but their own safety to become a very endangered species, indeed.

The behavior of these paragons of "wisdom," academia and knowledge who are PAID OFF not to even debate the science anymore are the latest in a long panoply of proofs that the god of this world is in his full ascendancy, and that human freedoms, righteousness ,and especially THE TRUTH are becoming quickly extinct.

TRUTH is not a left or right idea. TRUTH SHOULD BE THE GREAT UNIFIER of all things politically sensitive and debatable.

Let's hope that the PUBLIC DERISION of Yale and their chicken-livered "experts" just begins to grow and grow to the point where they are FORCED to reschedule, and that, as a result of this embarrassment, that the MSM actually picks up on the controversy and actually gets the courage to broadcast the debate the next time.

Even in a nation of boiling frogs, a loud enough noise might yet cause them to hop out of the pot.

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