I would like to comment here to point out Dr. James Lyons-Weiler's blog that discusses coronavirus vaccines that have been attempted. In every case I am aware of, those vaccines in animal trials actually sensitized vaccinated individuals to subsequent infection with the virii they were vaccinated against, and made them more susceptible to harm from the virus.

"(2a2) Lab-origin, vaccine type, administered, tested on humans in China.
If this scenario is true, then the rest of the world need not worry so much. Vaccines of
this type (SARS, etc) have notoriously bad reputations because the animal studies resulted
in high mortality in older animals upon secondary challenge."


In the event some vaccine is claimed to be available for this current epidemic, the animal trials it has been tested on need to prove it does not do that. I cannot more strongly urge vigilance and understanding of vaccine safety be more undertaken for this specific kind of virus. The potential for harm is several orders of magnitude higher than all other vaccines combined, because of the specific problem coronavirii cause vaccine development, and the epidemic nature of the Kung Flu.