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RE: Dr. Andrew Wakefield a VILLAIN or a HERO? Here's what the Mainstream Media has left out ...

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He is a cunt, and responsible for the biggest medical hoax in history. Do you realise his original "study" involved 12 sets of parents? Or that he was sponsored by a rival firm making an MMR vaccine?

Don't spread this cunt's bullshit around.



Do I realize that his study involved 12 sets of parents? OF COURSE! You never saw this picture in my article?

It is OBVIOUS that you never even read my well-researched article, as I happened to have highlighted above that it was only a Case Study of 12 people, and that Case Studies are always small, and that he never claimed that the MMR caused Autism in that Case Study.

Go ahead and read that part of the study for yourself before FLAGGING THIS POST and writing such an ignorant and rude response.

Do you think that this type of response could possibly change my mind? Why not try to understand what I have said and plead your case from a rational approach? I am not going to toss away my ability to READ and REASON and learn HISTORY and FACTS. I am not going to simply believe everything the media spews out without fact checking it myself.

The media you talk of, supported his bullshit for 12 years, they then claim his work was discredited. No it wasn't, it never had any credibility in the first place. He was sponsored by a rival firm making a triple vaccine, the scientific community were shouting very loudly at the media not to take this cunt seriously. Yet they did; they then woke up to the fact that theirs and his lies were causing deaths.

I say again, the man is a cunt, and you shouldn't spread his bullshit around. Which may be rude, but is not ignorant.


Here is the issue cryptogee.. Everyone needs to do their own research and make up their own mind. Ask yourself why you think you need to tell someone not to do something. Can you see if your being rational or is this fear; fear from getting people injured?

When I do my research I become aware of my own fear and how it may affect my views. So I go along carefully taking small steps and I work though it. With a little practice and time things become clear and at the very least they simply do not upset me anymore.

We have a real problem with large monopoly corporations and fake science so your on to something here I'll hand it to you. Seems like mostly everyone is aware of this. There is confusion about what is actually happening though. It is when we get tangled up in fear that we get cloudy vision (beer goggles if you will). If you really want to keep people safe let's practice so we can be professional and respect other peoples findings, views, and even opinions.

Very possibly so James; it's just when I read things about how a blatant fraudster, and somebody who triggered the biggest hoax in medical history, may be being misrepresented. When in fact the exact opposite happened it makes me mad.

You do realise that during this hoax, you couldn't find an article by one science correspondent in the popular media, not one. You had scientific giants like Nigella fucking Lawson, talking about MMR, autism and vaccines. Somebody who had at best, last done an experiment in school. The worst part is, people listened to her, and it all started because of Wakefield.

I rarely call people a cunt in print, however Wakefield is one I will happily use that language for, because he is one. He is responsible for the outbreak of measles in the UK around the time, and dozens of deaths from it. I make no apologies.


That is the point .. "popular media" is bought out.. Seriously it is that bad! No joke.. Look into it. They can't report it their carrier will be ruined and reputation discredited (just as your have seen with Wakefield). I'm not asking you to believe me, but I am presenting counter evidence to what you have seen. So now the rational thing for you to do is give that an honest investigation.

I understand your frustration. Remember this is a billion dollar industry though. I'm sure you have heard how corporations manipulate politicians with campaign donations right? I don't want to over-simplify it but you have a government passing laws that protect corporations from damages. And corporations that are basically so corrupt they collectively make bad decisions based on profit and ignore human health. They only want to stay under the radar but they act in ways that are clearly psychopathic. And yea, they resort to fear and even teasing and name calling as part of their damage control marketing.

The media is owned and manipulated too. If a doctor stands out the pharmaceutical industry can throw their millions of dollars around to try and discredit them. If the media gets out of line it is called carrier suicide. They do the same trick to fake science reports by bribing scientist. It is a lot of bribes and mafia like tactics.

It is really easy to find all the evidence and I'm sure you'll be convinced, however, I don't know when you'll be ready. It can be a tough pill to swallow but it is really good medicine (unlike the crap we get from the pharmaceutical industry - lol).

So in a way I'm in the same position you are .. What what I have learned there is now way I'm backing down either! Only because you are not bought out and getting people injured we are actually on the same side..

You don't have to apologize .. Basically almost everyone gets upset like this when they start hearing it. It gets easier ..

Obviously you can't think for yourself and are a "sheeple". Your gutter language speaks volumes of your lack of intelligence. Maybe if you were capable of doing some real research and looked at the thousands of studies proving the dangers of vaccines you may just learn something other than the filthy language you seem so proficient at. Dr Wakefield is a man of the highest integrity and thousands, if not millions of children world wide who will never know what life is all about, they will never know what it is like to fall in love, get married and have children of their own having had that right taken from them by being damaged by vaccines which could have all been prevented but for the British journalist Brian Deer who assassinated Dr Wakefield's character with his deliberate lies and false allegations on behalf of Big Pharma. He is the person you should throw your insults at.

Thank-you for your comment @pcgdc
I can see your passion for justice and the truth. I hope to read future posts from you and I have now followed you on Steemit. I didn't include info about Brian Deer in this article, but it would be a good follow-up article "The Assassination of Dr. Wakefield's Character by Journalist Brian Deer"

@pcgdc I say again, the man is a cunt, and if you don't like my language, tough, I'm not going to do anything about it. He was sponsored by a rival triple vaccine company, he was and is full of shit, and fuels conspiracy nuts like yourself.

Now tootle off and go and watch Alex Jones for a few hours to further fuel your misguided mind.


@cryptogee ...Your lack of proper language speaks to your lack of knowledge especially on this most important topic.

No it doesn't, it speaks to the fact that I think Andrew Wakefield is a cunt.