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Step on a rusty nail ... go get a Tetanus shot, Right? Wrong!

Tetanus has nothing to do with rust! No amount of rust rubbed on your body or eaten or injected will cause Tetanus.

(It will likely cause some other type of harm though.)

Horse droppings always contain tetanus bacteria. It lives in a horses intestines. Horses are the main source of the bacteria.

If a deep wound is infected with tetanus, a toxin may be produced. It is this toxin that causes problems.

Was that rusty nail you stepped on covered in horse manure? In the days of the horse and carriage, streets were covered in horse droppings. But unless you live on a hobby farm or ranch today, that is likely not a problem.

The automobile probably helped with the decline of Lock Jaw (Tetanus) more than vaccination did.

I have heard ridiculous cases of people given Tetanus Shots because of cutting themselves with a kitchen knife. I don't know about you, but in my kitchen animals pooping on my knives is not a problem! Doctors will even give a Tetanus Shot for a corneal abrasion, which is the eye getting scratched.

Did your wound bleed well? The bacteria requires anaerobic (no oxygen) environment to grow the toxin. So let the wound bleed a lot. Put Hydrogen Peroxide on the wound as that gets lots of oxygen gets in it. And clean the wound!

Your chances of getting Tetanus are very rare unless you live in a tropical, under-developed country.

"Tetanus vaccine is probably one of the most ridiculous vaccines ever. Your chances of getting Tetanus are about the same as walking outta here and getting hit by a meteor. If you get a cut or puncture wound and you put peroxide on it, your chances of getting tetanus are zero because tetanus organism is anaerobic. It can not live in oxygen. Tetanus comes from the bowels of animals. As long as you don't have a sheep or a cow in your house, I don't think you're in any danger."
Dr Russell Blaylock, MD

Tetanus has been successfully treated with Vitamin C. So it is not neccesarily a death sentence.

"Over forty years ago, Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. cured tetanus with massive doses of vitamin C. In some treatments, Dr. Klenner used as much as 250,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day, most of it intravenously. Between 350 to 1,000 mg of vitamin C per kilogram body weight per day was his standard therapeutic oral dose. While he was indeed in favor of vaccination, Dr. Klenner described tetanus fatalities as being due to conventional medical treatments for the disease and not due to tetanus itself.

Getting a Tetanus Shot at the emergency room after exposure is useless anyways. It would take weeks for a vaccine to start offering any protection.

If you or the doctor truly suspect Tetanus, you need to request the Tetanus Immunoglobulin (TiG) shot. The TiG is an anti-toxin serum, not a vaccine. The TiG shot is much more expensive and hospitals rarely every carry it. To me that sure shows how little a threat they know Tetanus actually is.

I have heard several stories of people arriving at the emergency room with a wound, and being told that even though they had a very recent Tetanus Vaccine, they must be given another vaccine since the first vaccine may not have worked. It is so ridiculous. Seems they just want to give the Tetanus shot to everyone that comes in with any sort of wound, no matter what!

There is evidence that the Tetanus Vaccine doesn't even work at preventing Tetanus. I'm not going to get into that here, but you can read the details in the articles linked below.

One more thing ... There is no single Tetanus Vaccine available. It is always the DTaP -- Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis. If they tell you that you will only be given the Tetanus Vaccine, that is a lie.

Further Reading Here:


Some Horse-sense about Tetanus by Andrew W. Saul

Why You Never Need A Tetanus Vaccine, Regardless of Your Age or Location by Dave Mihalovic

And let's not forget that ALL vaccinations come with a huge list of potential side-effects. Thus the reason to think twice before taking each and every vaccine that they push on you.

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Wow, horses are not the main source of Clostridium tetani, they live everywhere including in soil. Of course a horses intestines would have some there as well but still...

You are correct that rusty nails are not the cause of tetanus, that is in fact the aforementioned Clostridium tetani. However they are an ideal breeding ground for them as the bacteria prefer dry anerobic environments like your average rusty nail. However a non rusty nail on the ground would also be another great source for them, really anything that can puncture the skin.

Again, this bacterium is everywhere and has nothing unique to do with horses or their manure. Tetanus toxin is an extremely potent and life threatening neurotoxin. Ascorbic acid will do nothing to change its function, nor will it treat the infection were someone to become inoculated with Clostridium tetani.

I am quite thankful that Dr. Klenner is not my doctor, nor would I be stupid enough to seek out his medical advice. What do you call a doctor who graduates last in his class? You call them doctor.

Here is a copy of Dr. Klenner's paper on Vitamin C & Tetanus, published in the Tri-State Medical Journal in 1954.
While he did believe in vaccination, he found a way to treat people who had Tetanus. You know that the Tetanus Vaccine is nowhere near 100% effective anyways -- so why wouldn't you want to seek out a doctor who has had success curing it if you ever did get Tetanus?

The above article is not an acceptable justification of much of anything. There have been other articles also discussing this idea, however no well done study has ever been performed as of yet.

"A single, non randomised, poorly reported trial of vitamin C as a treatment for tetanus suggests a considerable reduction in mortality. However, concerns about trial quality mean that this result must be interpreted with caution and vitamin C cannot be recommended as a treatment for tetanus on the basis of this evidence. New trials should be carried out to examine the effect of vitamin C on tetanus treatment."

I remain unconvinced. Additionally your stance against vaccination is without scientific or medical justification, so your opinions on this matter are clouded with bias.

Even the CDC says this about Tetanus: (Note that horses is first on the list.) "It is more common in hot, damp climates with soil rich in organic matter. This is particularly true with manure-treated soils, as the spores are widely distributed in the intestines and feces of many animals such as horses, sheep, cattle, dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, and chickens" (I found it on Wikipedia)

Of course the bacteria live in the intestines of animals, they bacteria live in the ground, and animals spend their whole lives outside eating things off of it. I mean this isn't rocket science here. And of course using the manure from those animals would result in concentrated pockets of the bacterium and its mature spores. That does not mean they are the only source for it. It is in fact, quite widely distributed, in the soil. You don't need animals for it to be present, as your earlier statements quite blatantly state.

I don't care to attempt to convince you of anything personally. That is quite clearly a waste of time.

hey Linda, do you have some experiences you could share here? @LadyLunasi is thinking about vaccines for her baby girl.

I left her a comment. Thanks!

thankyou Linda =) I really appreciate that. Have a sunset over lake Minnetonka!

just have some vitamin c! Oh shit, your spine is damaged because you didnt realize you had tetanus until it was too late

Ok one dead kid. So? out of how many that get vaccines?

Would you kill yourself if it was demonstrated that the rest of us would benefit by it? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Get your DPT shot BEFORE stepping on a nail if you want -- if it appears to you that the risk of the disease is worse than the risk of the vaccine.
But my POINT HERE -- is don't give out useless DPT shots AFTER someone has stepped on a nail. It's all RISK and ZERO benefits.

it's because the spors can be dormant. Thats why they ask if youve had a tetanus shot and when before they give another. so another booster would help. probably decide what type to give depending on if someone had one....If you come into contact with rabies, you get both the vaxxz and an immugobulin at the scene, since it spreads so fast...I mean, Im not a least I read about the diseases/infections themselves. I dont think anti-vaxxers really do

Those who are against vaccination do plenty of reading, it is just unfortunately from sources, employing wild circular reasoning, amazingly poor experimental design, deceitful interpretation or general lack of scientific understanding. I understand that people get sucked into these theories, because on the surface they truly seem plausible. However if you scratch at all beyond the surface, or have any legitimate desire to think analytically about what it means to apply the scientific method to test hypotheses these sources fall apart.

Unfortunately the anti-vaccination stance falls in the same pile with all of the other ideas rooted in grand conspiracies and cover-ups. Concocted by those prone to paranoia, and perpetuated by others that enjoy the attention of becoming the spokespeople for a large group of followers eager to regurgitate what ever fulfills their confirmation biases.

Wow, that's a lot of fallacy from someone who takes every opportunity to tell everyone how educated you are.

I had a tetanus boost about three years ago after getting nipped in the foot by a dog. Not stepping on a nail.

There's still no direct evidence its from the vaccine. Regardless, go take a look at how many people die and get ill in the part of the world without good access to vaccinations. Sorry that there are some casualties it's probably true, I acknowledge that. tho it's rare enough to warrant every kid getting vaccines.

Actually, if you go and read the articles I wrote, and listen to the parents being interviewed ... for both of these DPT injury stories - the doctors did CONFIRM that it was the vaccine. The vaccine brings high risk -- so why give out unnecessary doses of the vaccine when someone steps on a nail, even though the vaccine can't possibly benefit the person at that point?

i my anecdotal experience the doc asked me if I wanted the shot or not.

There's no cure for tetanus, and it's a serious condition to live with.

Apparently doctors have cured tetanus with Vitamin C and it has been documented properly.
However, the main point of this post is how indiscriminately they give out the Tetanus Vaccine. Getting the vaccine AFTER having been exposed (wound, etc) is pointless. It gives a false security, because it has no chance of working if you were indeed exposed to tetanus. If they really believe that you were exposed to tetanus, then the immunoglobulin should be given instead (but they almost never do.) The odds of getting Tetanus are very low, especially when you know how to clean and bleed a wound. Giving the Tetanus shot out like candy is irresponsible, especially when there are serious proven adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Maybe cured with vitamin c in people with robust immune systems. You think someone can have a worse averse reaction to a vaccine, from a pre-existing condition, yet not tetanus? And it exists everywhere. They give tetanus boosters every five years at the least. It likely is the immunogobulin. Edit: every 10 years recommended

Tetanus is a serious illness that causes convulsions (seizures) and severe muscle spasms that can be strong enough to cause bone fractures of the spine. Tetanus causes death in 30 to 40 percent of cases.

I think it beats the vaccine death risk

It doesn't beat this DTaP vaccine risk.

Evidence Concerning Pertussis Vaccines and Central Nervous System Disorders, Including Infantile Spasms, Hypsarrhythmia, Aseptic Meningitis, and Encephalopathy

What in that study leads you to conclude that? I dont see it.

This study proves that DTaP vaccine has very high risk to cause
microcephaly. Zika virus was used to cover up this vaccine's bad side-effect. Actually zika virus doesn't have anything to do with microcephaly.

Although the results tended to be inconsistent, most controlled studies did not observe an increased risk. Only two studies reported risks greater than 2.5: the analysis of voluntary reporting data from the North West Thames study and SONIC. The risk estimate from SONIC is highly uncertain because of the small number of cases on which it is based.

That's from your link. You anti-vaxxers dont even read the medical info. Just echo each other.

It is not the immunoglobulin that they give. They give the DTaP vaccine -- Dipheria, Tetanus, Pertussis. They no longer have a single Tetanus Vaccine. Did you read my article?
Yes, Tetanus can kill, mostly in tropical under-developed countries. But why give a useless vaccine AFTER someone may have been just exposed?

I do hope you survive your baseless beliefs.

Read real-life accounts of people who have suffered or died from vaccine-preventable diseases: compelling personal testimonies, remembrances, case reports, and newspaper articles

It looks like that site promotes every vaccine available, even HepB for newborns, influenza, and shingles. I'd be highly surprised if it is not funded by the vaccine industry directly or indirectly. I didn't see any scientific papers cited there either although the vaccine industry itself has funded many biased studies.

Dr Suzanne Humphreys has done research and has personal experience as an MD with the effects of vaccines.
Anyone interested in non-anecdotal scientific research may want to check out her youtube channel.

Just fightin fire with fire, regarding anecdotes. but sure a youtube channel must not be anecdotal...

here, since you like anecdotal evidence

What an interesting post! I have spent years working with horses and I never knew this! Thank you for posting this! Upvoted! =)

Great Post, Followed :D

Nice Post. All Vaccines are harmful and they push lies and fear to get people vaccinated


I'm in a few vaccine reaction groups.
The DTAP scream is common.
Because brain swelling is common.
Because having your brain blow up like a balloon and killing your kid is just a normal thing on vaccines.

I wish I could say this to myself but having punctures myself with it I worry because it's a deadly disease once it enters your system and especially because we're at tropics. Working at my garden my feet got pictures by rusty push pin so tomorrow i need a shot @canadian-coconut @canadian-coconut

There is no end to these stories. If I am a Doctor I would be ashamed of my profession

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