Doctors get Harassed for Reporting Vaccine Adverse Events Reactions to V.A.E.R.S. -- So How Can We Know The Real Numbers?

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Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist), explains how she was harassed for reporting to the Adverse Reactions Reporting System (V.A.E.R.S.)

She started noticing that different patients were having Vaccine Reactions,

and she learned out about VAERS on her own; nobody had ever told her about it.

She reported probably half a dozen vaccine adverse reactions within a period of a couple of months.

Dr. Humphries eventually got a call from the Head of State of Maine, CDC. He wasn't very knowledgeable. And he was very confrontational and argumentative.

CDC: "What happened to you? What turned you into somebody who thinks that vaccines are so bad now?"

Dr. Humphries: "What happened to me was watching these Adverse Reactions happen in front of my eyes and seeing the tracking of the kidney function go down within 24 hours after a shot. And all of the Doctors chasing their tails trying to find some other reason, and there was no other drug, no other test that was done, no blockage that could have caused the problem."

"So what happened to me is I started asking the question, "When was your last vaccine?" I started putting it together."

They argued for a short time after that. And he hung up the phone on her.

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I have heard several stories of how under-reported vaccine adverse reactions are, from nurses and doctors.

I'm going to quote a short part from "One Nurse's Story" that you can read in full by clicking here

QUOTE from:

But here's the more disturbing part. For all the cases I've seen, I have NEVER seen any medical provider report them to VAERS. I have filed VAERS reports. But I am the ONLY nurse I have EVER met that files VAERS reports. I also have NEVER met a doctor that filed a VAERS report. Mind you, I have served in multiple hospitals across multiple states, alongside probably well over a hundred doctors and probably 300-400+ nurses. I've worked in big hospitals (San Francisco Bay Area Metro 40 bed ER, Las Vegas NV Metro 44 bed ER) and small hospitals (Rural access 2 bed ER, remote community 4 bed ER) and everything in between. When I say NEVER, I mean NEVER. I have even made a point of sitting in the most prominent spot at the nurses station filling out a VAERS report to make sure as many people saw me doing it as possible to generate the expected "what are you doing" responses to get that dialog going with people. And in every case, if a nurse approached me, their response was "I've never done that" or "I didn't know we could do that" or, worse "What is VAERS?" which was actually the most common response. The response from doctors? Silence. Absolute total refusal to engage in discussion or to even acknowledge what I was doing or what VAERS was.

The big take away from that? VAERS is WOEFULLY under reported. I am PROOF of that. The number one place parents bring their kids in the event of a vaccine reaction is the E.R., and as an E.R. staffer, I have NEVER met anyone who filed one, in spite of seeing hundreds of cases of obvious vaccine associated harm come through. What does that say about reported numbers? The CDC/HHS admits that VAERS is under-reported, and probably only representative of 1/10th the actual number of injuries. I contest that, and from personal experience, I would say the numbers in VAERS are more like 1/1000th the actual numbers, not 1/10th.

Okay -- so in this Nurse's Experience, only 1 out of every 1000 Vaccine Injuries are reported to V.A.E.R.S.! I know that this is based only on her own personal experience. But it still shows how woefully under-reported reactions could be.

A much more conservative analysis of actual reports is that only 1.5% of Adverse Reactions are reported.

"An analysis by Wald & Shojan [2001] found that only 1.5% of all adverse events result in an incident report, and only 6% of adverse drug events are identified properly."

So tell me this, if Doctors and Nurses aren't looking for Vaccine Adverse Reactions, and aren't reporting them, how can we accept that vaccines are really as safe as the medical world claims?

"Back to my real world as a newly trained doctor, little did I know, that what I was taught about vaccines and immunity meant that I had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, and left me blinded when confronted with the real world. And this is still the case for the majority of medical professionals today, who are at the frontlines of patient care. I knew nothing about vaccine manufacture, contents, risks or history. We had been told historical factoids, about Jonas Salk inventing one polio vaccine, and Albert Sabin the other, and that smallpox and polio were supposedly eradicated by vaccination. I certainly knew nothing about the developing immune system. After being handed the schedule of vaccines for kids during my pediatric rotations I was told to give them on time. That was the extent of my knowledge. As a nephrologist I gave hepatitis B vaccines to dialysis patients. Their immune systems don't respond very well. So we often had to give them numerous injections of high dose vaccine which is an enormous aluminum load. I gave flu shots, pneumonia shots, all per dialysis protocol. Never considering any potential problems. Nothing was linked to vaccines in my mind, until one patient in 2009, volunteered to me "I was fine until I had that flu shot". I thought "well that can't be!" but the other doctors and I could find no alternative cause."

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The doctor's reports will affect the multinational drug company's income, we are talking hundreds of millions. So it is better for them to silence the doctors. using the gov.t agencies like the CDC, quite a sad thing to know about.

You know the CDC is up to no good when people are afraid to file truthful reports. I also heard the CDC has classified information. I don't know why a health organization would need to have classified documents, they aren't the military. I do understand patient data being protected which is understandable, but even non identifying information is classified apparently about the MMR study.


The CDC, Big Pharama and the Government are all one big happy family that enjoy screwing people over.