Deadly Bleeding Disorder (I.T.P.) Could Have Killed Son - VACCINE ADVERSE-REACTION (VaxXed Stories)

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Brittany Lambert of Mississippi, shares her son's SERIOUS Vaccine-Induced Bleeding Disorder (ITP) with the world.  
Her son Noah was born April 2009, perfectly healthy with no issues.

Click  ⇥ HERE ⇤  to watch the VIDEO of Brittany sharing Noah's Vaccine Injury Story.

She had been given a book by Doctor Stephanie Cave, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations," that recommended a delayed vaccine schedule, and she told her doctor that she had decided to do a delayed vaccine schedule.  Her doctor belittled her and convinced her to go ahead with the full vaccine schedule.  

Noah got his 2-month shots that day.  

  • A week later she noticed a rash which was eczema.  
  • He got ear infections and upper respiratory infections.  
  • At 2, 4, and 6 months (after each set of vaccines) the eczema kept getting worse.  
  • By 7 months old eczema covered his entire body, his arms, his back, and he would bleed at night scratching it.  

Brittany did not know that it was a vaccine-reaction;
the doctors told her it was normal.  
(Even though it is an adverse reaction listed on almost every Vaccine Package Insert)

  • At 15 months, he went to the doctor covered and inflamed with eczema.
  • He had already had many staph infections, because he wouldn't stop scratching. 
  • The doctor gave him ALL of his 15-month vaccines on that day,
  • Then she started noticing bruises everywhere on Noah
  • She took him straight to the Emergency Room

He was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP).

It is a listed Adverse Reaction on most Vaccine Package Inserts.

Noah battled chronically low platelets,
which is what clots your blood and keeps you from bleeding to death,
for two and a half years.  

He had to always wear a helmet because he could bump his head and hemorrhage and die.

Today he is 7, he is healthy and in remission from ITP,
but he still doesn't have a normal blood platelet count.
He has some learning issues.  
He has severe allergies, including peanut allergies.

Brittany feels like she has to speak out and let others know what has happened to her and what can happen to your child.

Here is a picture of Noah signIng the VaxXed Bus that has been touring the U.S.A., showing the Documentary, "VaxXed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe" and gathering up Vaccine Injury stories.  

The VaxXed tour already has close to 3,000 names of vaccine-injured people written on the bus even though they have only been on the road around a month.

Click Here for a short video clip that the TV News showed of the VaxXed Bus in Mississippi.

My Thoughts @canadian-coconut
I am doing my part to spread awareness of Vaccine Injury and just how terribly common it is.

I am so encouraged by the VaxXed Bus and their team who are devoting their whole lives to protect the future generations from harm.

Vaccines are flawed.  
They can harm.  
We should not play Russian Roulette with our children.

If you have a Vaccine Injury in Your Family, Please share here.

For More Vaccine Injury Stories, Visit My Blog @canadian-coconut

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