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There are more and more medicines and vaccines every year, but people get more and more deseases. Don't you see the connection?

This catastrophe was arranged for us by Big Pharma that earns on vaccination (infection) and the subsequent "treatment" of the sick children.

Vaccination is the best way to create an endless flow of patients amd customers for Big Pharma.

Cellular and humoral immunity

The immune system includes two types of immunity:

  • cellular, provided by the mucous membranes of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract and their lymph nodes, and 
  • humoral, represented by antigen-specific antibodies, which produce plasma cells in the bone marrow.

 For an infinitely long time the mucous membranes of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts served and serve for microbes as the main places of penetration into the organism and its habitat, so that cellular immunity developed as the main body's immune defense system, while Humoral immunity plays a reserve role.

Basically, the system of cellular immunity acts through the process of phagocytosis, which involves the absorption and destruction of microorganisms and cell decay products, while humoral system produces antibodies.

All injectable vaccines used today are aimed at stimulating the internal humoral system, bypassing the cellular immune system. This is the key to understanding what vaccines actually do in our body. In addition, this contributes to the relative dominance of the humoral system over the cellular, which is entirely contrary to the natural immunological scheme.

One more essential point - pathogens, which enter the body in vaccines, pass the mucous membranes and immediately enter the bloodstream. Our body isn't ready for such a scenario! It's not natural! It has no time to protect itself from the potential harm. 

In order to cope with an infection that has not been neutralized at the level of the mucous membranes, it is forced to expend many times more lymphocytes than when it occurs during a natural disease. 

As a result the immune system breaks down, its functions are distorted, it "gets off course", prescribed by nature, and the person becomes more vulnerable to all possible deaseases!

The immune system is a delicate balanced mechanism and, like all other systems, is prone to frustration. As a result of constant irritation - stimulation with vaccines, it, instead of protecting the body, destroys its own cells due to accumulation of antibodies, autoimmune processes and functional changes in the properties of cells.

Physiological, natural aging is a process of gradual decay, withering of all parts of the immune system. Vaccines, however, accelerate, stimulate the process of "expenditure" of lymphocytes, artificially leading the human body to premature aging. That's why now children have so many deseases which were common only for old people in the past!

While the immune system of the infant has not been formed on its own, an important protective mechanism is the maternal antibodies, which are transmitted to the baby through the placenta and through the breast milk. The longer the mother feeds the baby's breast milk, the longer it will be protected.

An important defense mechanism against various kinds of infections is genetics. Not all people are equally susceptible to various diseases.

Virologologist Galina Chervonskaya in her book "Vaccinations: Myths and Reality" writes about people's susceptibility to infectious diseases as follows:

"Most people are unreceptive to infectious diseases genetically. For example, 99% of people are unreceptive to tuberculosis, 99.5-99.9% are unreceptive to poliomyelitis, 80-85% to unreceptive , 85-90% to unreceptive to influenza etc.  Mass vaccination weakens the inherent nature of immunity, irrevocably changes our genetic code and leads to diseases".

Do not forget about natural protection - it appears after the desease: a person gets lifelong immunity and the possibility of transmitting antibodies to future generations. 

An important role is played by drug abuse. If you take medicine too much, even when your organism doesn't actually need it, you destroy your immunity! All medicines are chemistry (like vaccines), and it harms more than helps. Big Pharma needs new patients. 

Breastfeeding, staying away from doctors and medicines, healthy food (really healthy!), good sleep, fresh air, vitamins - this is the best protection and support for your immune system!

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I haven't been to the doctors in years, and I haven't even been ill since I changed my diet to nice clean eating. I would certainly think twice about taking any kinda of manmade medicine now, we don't need stuff in our bodies that is not natural. I completely agree with your article.

and I agree with your words! thank you!

Thank you for putting this into scientific terms that aren't too complicated ;)

I am not a scientist either) just try to understand the essence of things)

Hey there, I just wanted to say that I have similiar opininon to yours and I just hope that more people will wake up and realize it before it is too late.
Btw, your post is really good and it's very well written.

thank you!

big pharma want you ill.

Not dead, but ill.

It's a good business model for them...they care not, about health.

They care immensely about promoting ill health.

absolutely true!

Hi Talia

I couldn't agree more. There's a system in place to weaken us to ensure the profitable future of Big Pharma (and reduce the population).

Thanks for sharing. It'd be great if you could come and say hello to the community in Discord:

Crypto Empire

There was a time when smallpox, tetanus, and the plague would have been bigger threats to our society than HIV and Cancer. The reason why Cancer and HIV are the big threats now, is because vaccines helped us get rid of many epidemics in developed countries.