Back. What to expect the next weeks.

in vacation •  2 months ago

After the vacation is before the vacation.

Back in Vienna. At the left edge of the picture you can see my appartment. Presumably. Maybe. Rather not.
(Pic is CC0 from pixabay.)

This post mainly serves to inform the world on my reappearance from vacation.

It was great, thanks for asking, and maybe I will restart my blog by producing a travellog.
Then, of course, I will go on vacation again next week. The great steemSTEM meetup at Florence is taking place, and I can't wait to meet some awesome people there. I will probably write a travelblog about that vacation as well. ;-P

But Sco, when can we expect serious content again?

Uhm... We shall see. At the moment I am too busy with real work. Toxicology will be back on the table soon enough, fear not.
I am far from done here.

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Great to see you back, hope you have enjoyed your holidays :) And have fun at the Meetup in Florence!

Then, of course, I will go on vacation again next week.

Someone is living large 😎

It is good to have you around once again! :)
Welcome back.


So large that I am driving there with my own car to save myself the flight costs.

Ty. You seem to be back to Steemit aswell - Great that you decided to revise your decision to leave us!


Great that you decided to revise your decision to leave us!

I can't believe how hard I am (still) laughing at this! 😂 It is official, this will remain between us forever! :P

But, I feel compelled to inform you that from now until Christmas I will be posting less (ah! the demands of the offline life!). I will still be around interacting, I am only telling you because I don't want to leave you under the impression that I am leaving you all. 😌


It's a running gag that never stops to be funny.^^


LOL! I feel somehow involved ;-)

Welcome back, and see you soon! ;)


yay! ;-)

Glad you had a good vacation and will be interested to hear all about the SteemStem meetup in Florence.

I live for your toxicology posts - so I'm glad you haven't abandoned that thread!

Looking forward to Gina telling me you have new posts out.


Huh, a real fan. ;-) Ty a lot and good to hear you're still around aswell.

I know the feeling. Too much on the plate. One wants to post but just finds no time :/

Anyways, welcome back! :)


So one must say "hi" and "bye".
Have a good time in Florida. Stretching summer, that is:)


Hi to you aswell.

Florence is (unfortunatly) not Florida, but thanks.^^


HaHa! Have I really typed Florida? LOL, I even prefer Florence!