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in vacation •  9 months ago


I recently heard a fantastic presentation by Dr. Amir George’s Sabongui about stress. And one of the things that stuck with me most is how so many of us scramble to get shit done before a vacation or holiday, only to get sick when we finally start to slow down and relax.

Well, here I am, just a few days away from a much needed vacation, and working from home with a sick kid. Because I can’t afford to lose these last few hours of work time before holidays arrive. And because I can’t risk my child getting even more sick — or spreading this bug around the rest of the family — while we’re supposed to be having fun.

Thank God its only a bad cold and not something that requires quarantine (like the many contagious rashes kids are magnets for). And thank God I have the flexibility to work from home today.

I hope all of you enjoy some relaxing (and healthy) time off this summer.

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