My Son's Vacation in Iloilo City - A fulfilling Moment For Him

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My son in front of our town's parish church

After his recognition day , my 2 sisters and my brother who are already working here in Metro manila decided to go home to Iloilo to have their vacation and also to attend the Baranggay fiesta. So, I let my son go with them because it has been 2 years that he didn't spend his vacation there.

This is my eldest son approaching to kiss his younger brother before getting on the Grab Car

They took the Ro-Ro bus going home and my son really had fun because they boarded the same bus with my other cousins and neighbors.


My son who is naturally an animal lover tamed his grandfather's dog easily. The dog's name in Bingo and he would follow my son wherever he goes .


In the afternoon, when it's not too hot .They would go to the river. They just stroll around or play with the sand.But most of the time he can't resist the water and he would swim or soak himself.


If they can't go to the river, they would play badminton in the rice fields with my cousins or our relatives because all our neighbors are our relatives.

He would also help his grandfather in harvesting his cucumber.Actually, my father planted eggplant, spring onions, cucumber , tomatoes and many more vegetables in his garden.
This is my son putting some cucumber on his eyes.Just a simple beauty regimen or just goofing around because there's a lot of cucumber.
Sometimes if my father is not that busy, he would allow and accompany them to the nearest waterfalls in my place. This is called "Maasin Falls ". He said he is getting darker and his color is more manly.hahaha.He is short, dark and cute as what he said.
He loves it when it rains in there because he can take a bath in the rain.

So there, these are the things that I used to do when I was younger. And I also want my children to experience the same kind of happiness I used to have.

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Your son really enjoyed his vacation.

Sobra sis .Fulfilling daw .

Welcoome back in blogging sis @purpleheart! Enjoy ang vacation ng ank ha...

Thank you sis. Yes sis, next week sususnduin na namin sya.

oh so your are from Maasin? it is in the north from My place. Glad he enjoyed the fresh air and food.

Lambunao church po yan ma'am. And ang Maasin Falls na name is derived from the salty water na anjan sa falls .Sea level na kasi ang lalim ma'am.Kaya maasin ang tubig.

Congratulations! Youve got happy kid there :)

Glad that your son enjoyed his vacation sis:) I love cucumbers...can i have some?hehe

Palagay ko enjoy to the max ng anak mo ang vacation ninyo!

It was a nice vacation especially with his grandfather and his dog. Lol!

that's we call vacation... hope you enjoy it too. :)

sarap talaga ng bakasyon..great kid

a nice vacation indeed

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