Top 3 Annual Events To Savor on a Hawaii Vacation

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The exotic beauty of the Hawaiian Islands undoubtedly attracts thousands of people from around the globe all-round the year. Besides being a perfect place for holidaying, destination Wedding in Hawaii is another reason why so many people turn to this paradise every year, making it a hot spot for all the cherished memories.

So no matter if you are on a Hawaii vacation or planning for a destination Wedding in Hawaii, Hawaii has a lot more to offer you other than its beaches, sunsets, and scenic backdrops. Hawaiian natives celebrate a number of annual events every year that showcase their rich and diverse culture and traditions. And, these different Hawaiian events also form one of the main tourist attractions that catch the eye of thousands of people from around the world, giving them the experience of the best Hawaii vacations. 

Here are the 3 most celebrated annual events of Hawaii, which are not only loved by the tourists but also by the Hawaiian natives:

• Aloha Festivals

Celebrated in the month of September every year, Aloha Festivals continues for a week. Its two important events include the “Hoʻolauleʻa” and the “Aloha Festivals Parade”. The Hawaiian music, culture, and art are best experienced during these festivals. With the aim of preserving the unique Hawaiian culture and traditions, Aloha Festivals comes with a special theme every year. 

The Waikiki Ho’olaule’a is really a massive block party, showcasing the Hawaiian culture with live Hawaiian music, foods, drinks, hula, etc. And, the Aloha Festivals Parade is a vibrant procession of the Pa’u riders, floats, marching units, musician bands; all dressed in colorful Hawaiian Shirt and dresses

It is indeed the best time of the year to witness one of the best Hawaii vacations.

• Prince Lot Hula Festival- 

The event is a two-day affair in the month of June. This is exhibited on the grounds of the Iolani Palace, Honolulu. As the name suggests, it is a lively celebration of the Hawaiian art of the hula dancing. 

The traditional dance is performed by a group of hula dancers. Besides, this is a great family experience that provides the best deals to Hawaii tourists while they enjoy and savor the different forms of the Hawaiian culture through games, crafts, music, etc. Since the festival is free to attend for all, you shouldn’t give it a miss when in Hawaii!

• Merrie Monarch Festival- 

Breaking the usual silence of the town of Hilo, the Merrie Monarch Festival commences every year on the Easter Sunday in the honor of King David Kalakaua (Merrie Monarch). It begins with a ho’olaule’a (a big party) at the Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium. 

People from all over the world fly to Hawaii to be a part of this week-long celebration of Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian dance (hula); thus, making the Island busiest and crowded at that time. The event includes art and craft exhibitions, free music, hula performances, cultural demonstrations, a parade and a lot of other exciting things. 

So what are you waiting for? Aren’t the above three reasons enough to plan a Hawaii vacation? Book your tickets now. For the real charisma of the Tropical Paradise lies in the celebration of these annual events that come up every year to give the world a glance of its rich culture, tradition and true aloha spirit.

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