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Hi My Fellow Steemians...

Good Evening☺

I was not active for how many days but Im here now again. Honestly, I really miss steemit, I miss posting and sharing stories but most of that I do really miss you guys. Its been number of days I did'nt hear you all and I feel so empty, I dont know why but maybe I used to hear you all before everyday so that's why I miss the noise of being a steemians😀.
During of my busy day except of taking care of my husband and kids I was in a vacation in BUKIDNON. Its been 5 years ago since I visited this place and Im so happy knowing that I could visit again the place where I lived before, where all memories of mine have everything in this place.
I cant explained the happiness I felt when we're reunited again to my sisters and brothers. A lot changes between us unlike before but the thing that would never be change is our love being siblings. I am so much happy cause I met again my nephew and niece, but I gues my mother would be the happiest among us that time. I saw her glimmer smile that everyone could noticed the satisfaction of her face.
This is my sister, she's the one who planed about our vacation to make more exciting and fun. I really treasure those memories we've been experienced and that is priceless. How I wish their still more memories next time but I know it takes some year to reunite again. We may far to each other my brother and sister but our love still be connected. Wish for more years to bond again.
My mother and her grandchildren, they look so cute and sweet. Enjoy the moment cause were leaving the next day going back to Cebu.
My kid's and I, we really enjoy our vacation obviously😂😂. Sorry for my eldest Son face, its accidentally bite the insect I dont know what the english of that insect but on our language its "ALAMPINIG". My baby was so busy on his ice cream, I call him but he did'nt listen, He keep eating his ice cream.
Bye for now my native land and see you next time. Time is priceless so enjoy every single day of your life together with your loveones, relatives and friends. Show them and let them enjoy with your accompany, let them feel the memories that you can hold on together until the very last.

God bless Steemians, thanks for dropping by


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Let us rock again @delpha

Yes te oi..😙😍

Yeheeeyy.. Let's dig deeper on steemit cheche

Thanks cin, yes we will.

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