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Review Scatter

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Scatter DApp

A. Introduction

Today, I want to do a DApp Wallet Review on Scatter DApp that I have been using for a while. If you are looking for a secure way to do easy transactions with any of the decentralized DApps using a mobile wallet, Scatter has the new technology to provide the security that you need.

I have used this wallet for a while now and recommend Scatter to EOS, Ethereum, and Tron users.

B. Scatter Wallet at State of the DApp

Scatter is one of the decentralized Wallet DApp listed on the State of the DApps platform.

Presently, among the listing of many DApps, the ranking of Scatter is at 903 on the State of the DApps

In the Wallet Category, it ranks as the 55th Top Wallet DApps of 2019 in the wallet category.

I have been following their development activity since February 2019 when it started launching. The graph here shows their development work in the last few months.

C. What is Scatter?

Scatter is an open sourced suite of applications enabling users to interact with blockchains through smart contracts and transactions. It is mainly used with EOS and TRON apps and games.

The reason why I use Scatter is that I participate in the art game for PixEOS. Scatter makes it very easy for me to store PixEOS and exchange them to EOS and Ethereum.

Scatter has a desktop application with extensions in Google Chrome. This makes it convenient for users who use Ethereum apps to interact with both the Metamask plug-in and Scatter Desktop application.

There is also a mobile app available for Android and iOS. I connect the desktop app to my mobile device which makes it very convenient for me to use on the go.

Imagine the security and convenience Scatter gives to mobile users especially on Ethereum Blockchain.

This new technology built into Scatter certainly makes Cyptocurrency much more accessible in the long run.

D. How To Get Started

1. Go to the Website:

2. Click Download

Available in MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

3. Follow this Flow

Always remember to save your 12 word phrase!

You will always need to sign in with that back up phrase as your password.

E. Components of Wallet Connect & How It functions

We can look at 6 Components of Scatter and their functions.

1. Scatter Apps

There are lots of selection of apps you can choose with this Scatter wallet.

This is why I like using Scatter app because when it comes to the apps or games you can play around with, the choices are many.

2. Stable Coins

I like the inbuilt feature where it helps bring stability to your coins. I use this one a lot.

As you know, the market fluctuates a lot. This 'Stability' button ensures that you do not ride out price volatility with the least impact on your profile assets. The graph gives me an idea of how I can stabilize my coins in an effective way.

3. Token Exchange

This is the part where it brings a lot of convenience to me. I can easily buy, sell and swap tokens: BTC, TUSD, EOS, ETH, TRX, or DAI.

I can also see all my tokens at one glance so that I know how much tokens I have in other coins.

4. Reputation

Scatter gives an identity layer of reputation that builds confidence for users. There is the RIDL Defender system within the Scatter ecosystem. This means that a Scatter user benefits from the protection that RIDL provides. Users can also mine tokens by being the first or next in line to repute an entity.

5. Asset Management

This is the page where I can easily manage my crypto assets easily.

This feature is new in Scatter and recently built in. There are the search and filter features creating historical charts for me. In that way, I can see how my crypto portfolio changes.

F. What I like about Scatter

I like Scatter in that it engages me with the community when I go through their great list of apps. I can explore all of the amazing apps and software at no cost.

I like the Token exchange system where I do not need to go out to an external exchange to swap DAI, ETH, EOS, and BTC.

G. How I think Scatter can improve

I think Scatter can enhance its usage if it could offer some protection from phishing sites.

It would also be great if there are more reviews and tutorials done by the team to advertise this great app more. Right now, only a few people know about it. Perhaps more promotions need to be done by the marketing department. In that way, more mobile wallets can integrate this feature for their users.

H. Conclusion - Star Rating

I give this DApp a 4/5 Rating.

It is easy to use, fast and convenient with security.

Thank you for your attention,



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I'm just starting to explore crypto wallets, so I really appreciate all this information! Good to know the pros & cons, as well as all the details on how to get started with it. Thanks for this!