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Utopian Colony is the first crowdsourcing platform to connect open source projects and contributors from all digital professionals. Utopian has set an impressive milestone of releasing the early version of Utopian Colony by Q2-2019. Utopian needs to fund-raise a total of $35,000 to be able to launch this great initiative, currently Utopian has raised just over $2000 which is still on a low side but since we still have 14 days left to participate in this, I believe we can get somewhere.

Utopian has come out with some incentives to make this project flourish within the planned period. Some participators will be rewarded with Badges. Go to Indiegogo Campaign. to participate and claim the honour of supporting Utopian Colony. It is very important to support the Indiegogo campaign both by donating and spreading the message to get attention from communities who will participate and make this project a success. Utopian is not a profit-oriented initiative which is reflected in their activities by supporting open source contributions with passion and the need to make these contributions better. Ever since Utopian came into existence it has supported over 70,000 contributions and just over 9000 open source repositories. For the love of innovations we should promote and support the Indiegogo Campaign to raise enough funds to finish this project before the third quartile of 2019, early adopters will access Utopian by Q2-2019 which will be advantageous.

Utopian is offering its Indiegogo backers campaign exclusive supporter badges and unique usernames (for early access) to display on the Utopian Colony profile. These badges will showcase the level of your support and the achievements you have earned through participating on the platform. It's vital that you contribute early to be able to show off your reputation as an open source contributor.

Dreamer Bundle

The Dreamer Bundle guarantees early access of the Utopian Colony before everyone else does. By Q2-2019 early access will be available for the Dreamers which is a very huge advantage.

Visionary Bundle

This comes with a username reservation and exclusive updates on the launch. You will also get a rare Visionary badge that shows your support for Utopian Colony on your profile.

Project Early Access

This perk gives you a Think Tank badge on your Utopian Colony profile plus the privilege of early access to the platform. You can also get direct support from the team to get your project initiated on Utopian Colony.

Project and Profile Spotlight

If you are a professional or project owner that wishes to showcase their work on Utopian Colony homepage for 7 days this perk is for you. We all have big expectations from this project and by the time many projects start being featured on Utopian Colony it would have built a very big community already. This will put your projects in the spotlight for maximum exposure. This perk also gives early access to the platform and a username reservation. You will receive a campaign exclusive Dreamers Badge on your project profile.

Project Spotlight

The Project Spotlight bundle will let your projects be promoted on Utopian Colony homepage for 30 days. It will also allow you to get early access to the platform and get direct support from the support team. You will be awarded a rare Visionary badge on your Utopian Colony project's profile.

VIP Pass

This is a special perk for contributors and projects. With this bundle, you will be prioritized for support of your projects and contributions for 6 months in addition to the privileges given in the Project Spotlight-30 days and Visionary Bundle. You will get support on your articles and bounties promotion, direct communication to Utopian staff and customer care centre. You can only claim 10 VIP pass Bundles, you will want to get these bundles before they are taken. Currently, only a few are claimed which is a huge advantage for anyone who has known about this early.

If you are Steemian, there are some offers for you too.

Utopian has a secret perk for you, it will give you access to rewards provided by Utopian and many of our partner Steem DApps. That's in addition to the rare Steemian Badge to show your support for Utopian and Steem on your Utopian Colony profile, as well as instant username reservation and early access to Utopian Colony.

At only $40 you can get a Secret Steemian Bundle. For more about the DApps offers, check out this post.

Support Utopian on Indiegogo to Strive for more cool innovations and build blockchain.

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