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Collaboration and Collective Financing Platform for Innovation in the Open Source World driving the invocation in the world of open source

The STEEM block chain is not only the place for applications and social networks, here in our ecosystem there are daily thousands of users who are making important contributions to our block chain. Steemit underpins itself as the first decentralized open source social network in the market, competing in turn with several block chains in search of those updates and technological advances so longed for by all developers. is one of those platforms and communities that make life within the STEEM ecosystem, they bring together an important number of professionals and enthusiasts in the area of digital design, who every day make important contributions not only to our platform but to other open source platforms. as users of our chain of blocks have proven to be very responsible and committed to the development of our platform, their commitment as well as that of other important users and communities directly and indirectly help our crypto currency STEEM have greater influence and strength against other crypto currencies in the foreign exchange markets.

While it is true that has direct responsibility and an important weight in the growth and development of our cryptographic ecosystem, we users and communities have the obligation and the duty to make great contributions so that our platform is increasingly decentralized and its growth and strengthening is increasingly exponential. has developed a long work during more than a year, generating extraordinary results where the contributors not only share codes and scientific terms, but also exchange experiences, ways of thinking and points of view regarding different topics of collective interest. Utopian v1 during its trial period generated great results, making its main responsible people see the need to innovate and create more possibilities of growth both for them and for their potential users. Our chain of blocks is characterized by being one of the platforms where its main contributions come from its users, making the operation and processing of information faster and safer. has had a long journey and with it a series of achievements that are summarized in successes and learnings with more than 5,000 contributing users, more than 70,000 contributions generating more than 9,000 Utopian Utopian v1 the version that we know today was created under a test concept with the aim of linking professionals and enthusiastic innovators in the area of development of open source platforms, thus taking into account their experience to encourage them and motivate them to continue making new advances collectively both for our platform and to other open source platforms.

Since the launch in 2.017 of as a technological platform for the meeting, exchange and development of new ideas, professionals in the world of the development of open source platforms are not helpless having as a support not only economic but also labor and experimental where they can, together with other professionals, make great contributions that make them stand out among others and make them more capable individuals when it comes to generating effective, proven and qualified solutions.

Now wants to take a new path, wants to potentiate its actions and for that they have decided to create and release in its Beta version "Utopian Colony"

This new project Utopian Colony is born with the intention to continue doing what v1 has been doing during all this time, to be a platform for open source collaboration, where everyone can make their contributions and receive economic and financial support. Utopian Colony wants to be the home of all the professionals of the digital world who with passion for open source innovation, work every day to develop new proposals, innovations and effective solutions in search of collective benefit, being this the site to undertake, contribute, innovate and reward.

#Indiegogo Campaign

Utopian Colony has a campaign in these moments and requires of our greater support, they look for to collect the amount of 35.000 thousand dollars to finance with part of that money the launching of their technological platform, this campaign is being taken from the platform of IndieGogo

Characteristics of Utopian Colony:

Utopian Colony will differ from its current version in the sense that it will act more like an independent social network with new functions and provide greater coverage in support of taxpayers, without depending on STEEM's block chain interfaces but rather on them as a platform giving it a more autonomous status by facilitating accessibility to open source projects that require some kind of contribution.

  • Utopian Colony will be a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and points of view on different problems generated in open source platforms.

  • It will have an internal wallet where you can manage and control your rewards. There will be an exchange of rewards, where you can exchange between several crypto currencies.

  • Contributions made at Utopian Colony will be reviewed by a community of professionals in various fields.

  • Taxpayers will be able to receive more economic and financial support from open source projects that wish to support them.

  • It will have an integrated instant messaging system to connect users and teams.

Si deseas tener mucha más información te invito a que visites su sitio web Utopian Colony

I invite you to click on the image below and visit the Indiegogo website to give your support to Utopian Colony if you wish:

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