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Hello everyone, @ oracle-d has launched another mission to help promote the latest Indiegogo @ utopian-io launch campaign. Please read the instructions and instructions carefully before participating. Mission duration Start date: 02 - March - 2019 End date: 09 - March - 2019

Follow up and promote the Indiegogo @ utopian-io campaign on Steem and other social networking sites.

Details of the project / client and basic research

Utopian Colony is the first mass outsourced platform to link open source projects and contributors from all digital professions. As the culmination of a year of successful proof of concept, Utopian aims to launch an open source ecosystem into a new era where all digital professionals are enabled to participate in open source innovation. Help us release an early version of the Utopian Colony by Q2-2019!

In order to do so
Go to your campaign page and click the Continue button:
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 will turn pink color once when clicked.

  1. Share using the Facebook button. Each personal post link can be done via Indiegogo. Sharing this link directly on Facebook is also good, but prefer to do so from Indiegogo via the Indiegogo button.

Chat about this topic using the Twitter button. Each personal post link can be done via Indiegogo. Sharing this link directly on Twitter is also good, but prefer to do so from Indiegogo via the Indiegogo button.

If you follow the above points and only participate on a single social media platform, you will get a 1% vote from @ oracle-d for your comment. If you participate on platforms, you will receive 2% of the vote. Participate in more platforms for a chance to upgrade.

Quit & Reseteem This is the task you are reading.

Vote and Resetem on the campaign article by @ utopian-io here

Drop links and / or screenshots of the "Workbook" in comments in this post by @ oracle-d for rewards.

Can also
Create blogs / videos to enhance your campaign. Remember the campaign link and ask everyone to donate, participate, or contribute to the campaign.

Be sure to use the following tags in your blogs:

#UtopianColony، #OpenSource، #OpenSourceCommunity

You can also use this logo at the bottom of your posts:

<a href="">
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The marks to be used on the twister
When you participate on Twitter, please follow the instructions below:
#UtopianColony, #OpenSource, #OpenSourceCommunity. List @utopian_io in all your tweets.

Twether's Guide
If you follow these guidelines, and you attract a lot of traffic to your Tweets, you'll get an important vote!

Do a search on Google / watch YouTube videos on how to Twitter effectively!
Make sure there is an image on your twitter profile.
Place a reasonable amount of text in your text to stop seeing it as spam.
Make sure the formatting is the same for the entire tweet. Changing text and Twitter makes it seem undesirable.
Make sure your address is right for your Tweets - the words "words" in a tweet unrelated to the twitter body are confusing and will be considered as spam.

Do not put too many tags, it looks like spam and can prevent you from using Twitter.
Do not duplicate tweets.
Do not remember the same person / project more than once - this can be seen as undesirable and can prevent you from Twitter.

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