Utopian - Has the right been abused?

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I wrote this article a few days ago, hesitant to publish.Because it has nothing to do with me.

I have been engaged to my new projects, which kept me busy these days. After utopian changed its rules to only accept the translation on github, I decided to write a post to teach how to submit contribution to the translation of github article. I have searched in advance to see whether anyone else has shared this before in order to prevent duplication. Fortunately, I have found @ daijia has already written this. Thanks for sharing.

However, When I finished reading this post, I found a really funny thing that @daijia ‘s post was not approved by utopian. The reject reason is that is is not in accordance with the rules: the post need to be written in English. Although it is rejected by the rules, I still have to admit that it is a helpful article.

Since I was quite bored, I kept browsing the most popular projects on github: https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en. I do agree that this is a good project.
There are dozens of Pull Requests every day, and I could imagine how busy the project reviewers would be.

Then, I focused on something really interesting.
From the team members who are responsible for the uploading and operating merges, a familiar avatar image: omero350 (@ jmromero) has cached my eyes. For those who have done translation work should be quite familiar with him. He is also a utopian moderator. After seeing this, I have a kind of paparazzi impulse that I could dig some more problems here.

After I browsed carefully. This time, I found some more familiar names, ruahtheking (@ruah), rosatravels (@rosatravels), sunray-steemit (@sunray) and many others more. . .
Moderators and supervisor are all involved in this project. So high enthusiasm.

Uh. . . Probably everyone recently had an idea of contributing to this open source project so they all joined passionately. (or perhaps recently, the income of the translation contribution from approved posts are higher than usual).

Now it is time to start to double check each contribution (listed in no particular order as below).
From the [], you could see the time from commit to Merged:
romero350 (@jmromero)

[5 hours and 40 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/8
[2 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/279

rosatravels (@rosatravels)

[1 minute] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/98
[5 hours and 33 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/139
[17 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/157
[1 hour and 55 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/159
[8 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/241
[59 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/302
[16 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/318

sunray-steemit (@sunray)

[5 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/298
[3 hours and 10 minutes] https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en/pull/147

I am not going to find the PR for ruah. Go find it yourself if you are interested.

I just listed some of the data. As we can see from the data above, the longest processing time from commit to Merged is 5 hours 40 minutes, and the shortest is only 1 minute.
1 minute?!
I have to ask, what can we do in only 1 minute?
I might just type in 50 words, but I'm pretty sure that I can not read 1,000 words in a minute, let alone reviewing 1,000 words.

I am thinking about a question:
If this review could be well finished within 1 minute,then considered as a contribution to utopian, and gained an upvote, what is this?
Is it too irresponsible to approve without full time reading?
These moderators are cheated to approve contributions from each other. Is it a violation of the original intention of utopian?
I even think this is an insult to utopian! @elear @ned what do you think?

Some people may believe that I was finding fault deliberately. I don’t care what the others think about me. I just want everyone to get what they deserve on utopian for their contribution.
If there are too many unfair things on utopian, utopian will go downhill, maybe towards demise.
This is not what we want to see, nor what @elear or @ned wants to see.
If utopian become a worthless project, I think the steem power will be undelegated in the near future. Will utopian be as brilliant as it is now without the the steem power delegated?


这几天一直在搞新项目,事情比较多,自从utopian只接受github上的翻译开始,就一直想写一篇教大家怎么在github提交翻译贡献的文章,为了防止重复,特意先搜索了一下,发现@daijia已经分享过了(https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@daijia/tortoisegit-github-how-to-contribute-translations-on-github-with-tortoisegit), 先感谢下分享。


闲着无聊,我又打开了github上最近比较热门的项目,https://github.com/ancap-ch/from-en, 这是一个很好的项目,我也比较赞同。
每天有大几十个的Pull requests,我都觉得作为项目的审核者,是多么的繁忙。

负责上传,操作合并的人员中,发现了个熟悉的头像: romero350(@jmromero)











我觉得这是对utopian的侮辱! @elear @ned 你觉得呢?

这不是我们想看到的,应该也不是 @elear @ned 想看到的。


you are very wrong on what you are thinking, contributors can translate the project in github, but they have the rights when to make a pull request,

Thiago has entrusted us to translate of his project, I guess if you want to find a fault on moderators not on the time of PR because its not making sense as the image below are showing,

Thiago knows that moderators will not give a translation that's not accurate, so if you want to find fault, its not about how many PR's the time of PR's was merged or requested, but you should check if the translation that this moderators/contributors did is not accurate. :)

Again contributors can translate the whole day, and they can submit the pr with the same time, or the time they want to make a pull request of it.

You can also find my PR and make it your next post ;)


As a manager of Ancap Channel project I would advise you to check the readme.md file where you can find a list of proofreaders enabled for our project. As you can see there, all the persons that you are naming here are indeed proofreaders that have earned project managers' trust. The list, however, doesn't end there as we have several proofreaders that are NOT Utopian Moderators or Supervisors. That being said, it's pretty much normal that a Proofreader enabled inside a project is merged without hesitation.

Now, for your accusation of milking Utopian, I must point out that not all PRs and Commits have been credited in Utopian Platform. To say an example, I'm currently proofreading Spanish and I have not made a dime with the Spanish corrections and fixes I provide to our books in GitHub. But I guess the concept of doing an honest, verifiable and accurate work without expecting to be rewarded is a foreign term for someone banned forever from Utopian due to plagiarism.

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