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Hello and welcome to my blog for another exciting post.

Being ill is something most people despise. No matter how careful you are or hygienic you are, you will be down with something at a point in your lifetime. It can be a little headache, cold, or body ache. This means you have to consult your Doctor who will diagnose you to know the nature of the illness. You are likely to be placed on injection and also some drugs that you must take at a specific time. This is where the problem lies. It is almost impossible to use the drugs especially as prescribed because of other engagements. A Banker that needs to be at work latest 8 am will only be able to take the morning dose and may miss the afternoon and evening dosage due to work constraints.

Taking your medications in time is the right thing to do so as to avoid a sort of relapse.

What is Rxdroid?

Rxdroid is a simple lightweight android application that reminds users to take their drugs. It not only serves as a medication reminder but also as a refill reminder. It tracks the specified pills and reminds you to refill once the pills are getting low. The application is self-explanatory as you do not need to read any extra document before using it.
Rxdroid possesses some exciting features that make it the ideal medication reminder for users. These features include

Add button

For users using the application for the first time, you will need to input the current drug you are about to take by clicking the Add button. This will bring a suite of options to modify.

The first option is the Drug name. This is a useful feature for users taking different drugs at the same time. The drug name will help to distinguish which drug is this and that.

The next set of options are the schedule. This is where you input the time and the number of doses that was prescribed for you. You can see that there is morning, noon, evening, and night period. You can also input the dosages as a fraction. There are situations where a drug may need to be halved before usage. Rxdroid gives provision for that kind of situation.

The next thing is to select the number of days you want to take the drug. You can either select daily or choose specific days.

One other important option is the Drug icon. Drugs can be of different types such as Capsule, Tablet, Eyedropper, etc. This icon will be attached to the drug. I believe it is a useful feature especially for parents who may want to leave their wards with a Guardian. The Guardian can easily identify which drug the children are to take from the icon without necessarily needing to check the name.

You can also see the refill size and the current supply. This is a side feature of Rxdroid that makes it one of the best medication reminder application. You can select the current supply of the drug you are taking and also select the refill size. Rxdroid will do the rest automatically. Since you already specified the drug dosages, it is the job of Rxdroid to deduct the dosage from the current supply and alert you when to refill. The alerts can be set in the reminder where you can choose the option to be alerted just for a refill or both refill and medication use.


This is another feature that allows users to set some basic things on how the application should function.

The first on the list is Times. Do you remember that you can only set the period and the dosage in the Add section, you can’t set the specific time to take the drug? This is where you will set it.

The next important option available there is the notification options. This is the main function and the reason the application exists. You can set the desired notification tone and the amount of time the notification should be repeated.

There is also a backup option which is another thing I love about Rxdroid. The user can easily backup the data and store it somewhere. This means that no data can be lost due to a change in mobile device or theft. It is possible to restore backup files with a single click.


Rxdroid is a very important medication reminder application with a lot of cool functions. The added feature of the refill tracker even makes Rxdroid more appealing to users. It does not possess any advertisements like many other similar applications and all the features are free to use. The fact that it is open source makes it the ideal application because all the codes are public and you are sure of no-one tracking you.

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Hi Zoneboy,

This is a well-done post from you, and I appreciate it.

Rxdroid is indeed a cool project. I am taking some medications, and I always forget the appropriate time to take them. I think I need to try the app.

You did pretty well on the content side. The post is concise and editorial. There weren't unnecessary words, and the reading experience was smooth. I have read some reviews about the app, but I think your review is the best of all.

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