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NewsCatchr is an app, that tries to improve the world by enabling access to news for everyone. The app is available for Android 4.2+ and very small and resource-friendly. It's also completely open sourced. The current logo looks general and hard to connect with the brand name, so I decided to propose new logo for NewsCatchr.

Github Link :

Google Play Link :

Old and New Logo Comparison

Logo Result

Logo Icon

Font and Colors

Benefits / Improvements

Benefits of this new logo is look gained a modern appearance. Unique, memorable and has strong relation with content of application.
I got an idea in my logo design by combine newspaper and feed icons. It has strong relation with the application. Hope you like it.


This logo design is made using CorelDRAW application and below are some of my worksheet appearance.

Proof of My Works

Original files

Editable Files :

Book Antiqua Font :

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