My Proposed Logo For ERPNext

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Logo ERPNext.jpg


Details ErpNext is an open source application created by Frappé Innovations Pvt. Ltd. It assists companies with accounting, project and task management, sales, purchase, inventory, CRM, administration, human resource management, manufacturing, and even website.

Github :

Web :

Processing to Design Logo

Logo Result

Icon Result

Font and Colors

Benefits / Improvements

I am inspired with the arrow to the right as the "next" symbol that refers to the "Next" word is in ERPNext which is the shape of the letter E as the ERPNext application icon. Added with the colors and letters that are the hallmark of this application, may becomes more attractive or interesting to everyone.


This logo design is made using CorelDRAW application and below are some of my worksheet appearance.

Proof of My Work

Original files

Download original files :

Download Arial Font :

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