Webmaster tool update (v0.1) - Namecheap support and lazy loading of data

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Github repository: https://github.com/yuxir/webmastertool

What is the project about?

Lots of technical people like me use various cloud service providers to manage their VPS, domain, storage etc. It is a time consuming and tedious job to check each account regularly. For example, most service providers recommend users to enable two factor authentication therefore users have to get their phone when they want to login. However, in most time, users only want to have a quick check of their services’ status, account information etc. That is why I want to develop this Chrome extension to put all those information together and allow users to check all information in a single click!

Technology Stack

Chrome extension

New features

All commits in this contribution can be viewed in this pull request:


The new features are summarized below:

Supporting Namecheap

New Namecheap tab has been added where users can see their information, e.g. account balances, domains, DNS records, and Email forwards. Settings tab has been updated to give users the flexibility to show/hide Namecheap tab.

The work with Namecheap can be viewed mainly in this JS file:

And this commit:


Lazy loading of namecheap data

Due to Namecheap API rate limitations, frequent calls to Namecheap REST APIs will not work. To resolve this problem, some event handlers have been registered on “beforeActivate” event for each Namecheap accordion item. Although I have not experienced any API rate limit problem with other service providers, I may refactor the code to do the same.

The main commit is:

Previous contributions



In the following iterations, I may support some operations via cloud service provider APIs, e.g. start/stop/restart a server, create a snapshot, etc. Also, some site statistics may be added.

Chrome extension store

I have uploaded this tool to Chrome web store, the link is: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webmaster-tool/inffcpoooalmdfkhlnbnlmifdhblockb

How to contribute?

Just fork this project, create your feature branch, commit your changes and send a pull request!


Proof of work

I have added my Steemit account link in the README:


Thank you for your contribution. I've been using this tool and here are some of the features I'd like to have if possible.

  1. sometimes, the IP is banned if it is changed (e.g. DHCP). In this case, rather than disable the IP check in the service provider, is there a link to quickly navigate to the relevant configuration page i.e. whilelist the IP.
  2. You can also provide easy access to search/register a domain etc.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Re 1) I am aware of this issue and will think about it.
Re 2) It is possible and I am sure it will be available in future releases.

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