Webmaster tool update (v0.0.4): supporting Digital Ocean, UI improvements, flexible settings

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What is the project about?

Lots of technical people like me use various cloud service providers to manage their VPS, domain, storage etc. It is a time consuming and tedious job to check each account regularly. For example, most service providers recommend users to enable two factor authentication therefore users have to get their phone when they want to login. However, in most time, users only want to have a quick check of their services’ status, account information etc. That is why I want to develop this Chrome extension to put all those information together and allow users to check all information in a single click!

Technology Stack

Chrome extension




New features

All commits in this contribution can be viewed in this pull request:


The new features are summarized below:

Support Digital Ocean

In this iteration, users can view information about their DO account, droplets, snapshots, domains etc. Here is the screenshot:

The support of Digital Ocean is mainly implemented in this file:

UI improvements

I have added icons and tidied up the UI to make it more intuitive to users. The work has been done mainly in this commit:


Flexible settings

As more VPS providers will be added into this tool, users may not have accounts with all of them therefore may want to hide some tabs. I have added this feature to settings to allow user show/hide tabs.

The commit for this feature is:

Previous contributions



In the following iterations, I will provide support to more service providers, e.g, Linode, AWS, etc. Also, depending on the feedback, I may support some operations via cloud service provider APIs, e.g. start/stop/restart a server, create a snapshot, etc.

Chrome extension store

I have uploaded this tool to Chrome web store, the link is: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webmaster-tool/inffcpoooalmdfkhlnbnlmifdhblockb

How to contribute?

Just fork this project, create your feature branch, commit your changes and send a pull request!


Proof of work

I have added my Steemit account link in the README:


Thank you for your contribution. I am really looking forward to the Linode tab.

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Thank you for reviewing my work. I am sure Linode tab will be available soon :-)

Hey @yuxi

We're already looking forward to your next contribution!

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