Steemmate - Like both Steemit and Steemd? Let’s put them together!

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Github repository:

What is the project about? and Steemit are both essential websites to Steemians, where Steemit is the main web user interface to see posts, comments, transfers etc and Steemd focuses on all data/transactions underneath. Switching between these two sites is inconvenient to users who use both sites frequently. The purpose of this Chrome plugin is to show additional user history information in Steemit ( later) site. This project is not intending to compete with The main purpose of this project is to provide a quick and brief summary of what is happening with a particular account. The complex features, such as pagination in Steemd is not in this project's scope.

Technology Stack


Chrome extension


Currently, this extension shows most Steem blockchain transactions, e.g. votes, new posts, comments, follows, unfollow, author/curation/producer rewards, witness approval/unapproval etc. To be intuitive, it uses various free icons for different transactions.


There are a lot to do with this plugin, e.g.

  • To support
  • To fully support Steemit website, currently, the plugin only works with user’s homepage, e.g.
  • Add ‘Load more’ button in the bottom to show more transactions
  • Add filters to give users flexibility to see particular interested transactions while others are hidden
  • Add settings to allow user store their profile, e.g. which type of transactions to be shown by default, the default number of transactions etc
  • More UI customization options and UI improvements

Chrome extension store

I have uploaded this tool to Chrome web store, the link is:

How to contribute?

Just fork this project, create your feature branch, commit your changes and send a pull request!

Proof of work

I have added my Steemit account link in the README:


Thank you for your contribution. There are more powerful extensions such as SteemPlus and Steem More Infor.

And also the page is kinda messed up:

I also think it is a good idea to have a on/off switch in your UI. Currently, I don't see any features standing out but I hope to see more in the coming versions.

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