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New Feature

  • Exchange rates of Steem, Steem Dollar, Bitshares, Bitcoin, and Ethereum on user account page

Android version has been released with this feature a couple of days ago and as promised the iOS version has this feature now as well.

We want this app to be a one-stop for our fellow Steemians where they can both interact with the Steemit blockchain and also be informed about what is going in other crypto markets.

As many of you know the exchange rate of Steemit somewhat depends on the exchange rate of other crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This way we would like our users to be able to see this correlation right in the SteemApp and to know if their loved Steem has grown and was it because of Bitcoin or not.

This is just the first part of our plan to integrate . In later releases we want to implement the full conversion process right inside the mobile application. This is all possible with great guides and well documented API from Blocktrades.

Thanks to and their API this is made real. is a truly decentralized exchange platform where you can easily exchange Steem, Steem Dollar, Bitshares, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin and Litecoin. It is aimed at a quick exchange between one crypto to another just like you would exchange your USD to Peso when traveling to Mexico. If you register, you can also see the full history of your trades.

We are thrilled to have as a partner who is willing to integrate their service in other apps and wallets. This is why in the next releases we are planning to integrate @blocktrades exchange functionality in SteemApp.

  • How did you implement it/them?

We have integrated API in our application which fetches the current exchange rate, which is available for trade on website. In this release it shows the exchange rates on the user profile page. And if you click on the STEEEM exchange rate you will get a list of other crypto currency exchange rates such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitshares.

Pull request related to Exchange rate feature:

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This is a very nice update to the app, and it's great to see the update roll out to iOS so soon after the Android rollout. I'm also very excited about the greater future integration with Very cool.

The post itself, however, could have used a closer look as far as style, grammar, and proofreading. Specifically, I would advise using more commas. I'll use one paragraph as an example.

"We want this app to be a one-stop for our fellow Steemians where they can both interact with the Steemit blockchain and also be informed about what is going in other crypto markets."

This is a short paragraph, but it's a long sentence. It also seems to have a couple of words missing. Here's how I would edit it:
"We want this app to be a one stop shop for our fellow Steemians, where they can both interact with the Steemit blockchain, and be informed about what is going on in other crypto markets."

Notice I also deleted the "also" before "be informed." This is because you already used "both' earlier in the sentence. That way, you already indicated a second this is coming, so the "also" is redundant.

While it is not a perfect solution, I would recommend putting future texts through Hemingway to get automated feedback about the quality of the text, and highlights of places that could use some work.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!


Thank you @didic, very good comment about comas. Noted. Right now, when I had a fresh look at the sentence I wrote, I realize that it needed comas badly :)

Hey @yuriks2000
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Thank you very much. Looking forward to it as well!

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Thank you for reminding me about that

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Woww that's great app :)
You see my blog i hope you like my photos :)

Thank you @yuriks2000, I am thankful this great project is finally done and the product is now in our hand and moreso, free of charge!! These features will extremely help us b able to keep updated with the STEEM and other cryptos. ( Exchange rates of Steem, Steem Dollar, Bitshares, Bitcoin, and Ethereum). Thanks.


Thanks a lot for your comment @kiddady, we are working on bringing in a lot of new features forward. With your support and your help we will do much faster.