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Great updates, and the application looks very nice... Keep up the excellent work.

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wow, this is amazing @yuriks2000
you're literelly making life easy for fellow steemians
thanks for sharing and blessed day to you

Thank you very much @brayan256, that is our mission! Right to the point :))
Have a great day, and thank you for your support!

You're welcome @yuriks2000
Am looking forward to your next posts to get more certain so that I can promote it to my fellow steemians in Uganda..

This post has received a 18.67 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @yuriks2000.

Well this is interesting, I will check this out shortly. Thanks for the info! Can't see it here in Canada :(

That is odd, you cant find it on Google Play?

The app is called 'Steemy, or 'Steem App'? I don't see either :(


It’s there, second one. SteemApp. Or you could use the direct link

I just updated the app and used it to try to upvote and leave a comment on this post but I couldn't figure out how to get the comment section to open... How do I do this?

Hi, @chronogn. We have not finished the commenting part yet. But it is on its way. We are moving step by step to bring more features to SteemApp

Oh ok. I realize that it takes time to develop the app. Thanks for your hard work!

Hey @yuriks2000
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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