Whole system of mobile phone gets into Dark Mode when ACG-Player is being used in Dark Mode.

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Project Information:

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Describe bug:

When I opened an app, i set it into Dark Mode and then Exited the app. After going to my home screen, whole system of my phone gets into Dark Mode.

Expected behaviour:

After setting it to "Dark Mode", only application should change to "Dark Mode".

How to reproduce:

  • Download the app.
  • Open it and play any song.
  • Swipe from left to right, so that it will show some more features.
  • It will also show Dark Mode.
  • Click on it and go back to home screen or minimize the app.
  • This will reproduce the bug.



  • Android: RedMi Y2/S2.
  • OS: 8.1.0
  • App version:

Proof of WorkDone:


Hello, @xee-shan! Thank you for submitting this report. Following the steps you have given, I was unable to reproduce the bug. The PO has not really verified and confirmed the issue even though he assigned himself. To be safe, I want to suggest that you wait for either of the following before you publish via Utopian.

  • The PO comments confirming the bug
  • The PO including a bug tag to the issue you create
  • A PR made to fix the issue you have created with a reference.
  • And any other explicit way confirming the PO agreeing that the report is indeed a bug.

For the reason that I was unable to reproduce this behavior on my device, and that the PO did not explicitly confirm the bug, this contribution cannot be evaluated. Sorry for the inconvenience as a result.

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Thank you for your review, @knowledges! Keep up the good work!