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A task request was created by @ajayyy , for 3D models of food talls for his upcoming VR roller coaster game. Several stalls were requested, which include a burger stall, a cotton candy stall, an ice cream stall and a Donut stall. I chose to design and build the ice-cream stall for his game.



Before I start the modelling, I do a rough concept in photoshop of what the ice cream stall will look like. @ajayyy requested that the stalls look like the food that they sell. I designed a huge plastic ice cream cone that leans on the stall which would be the most straight forward visual cue to notify customers of the shall's core business. To sell ice cream .


Inside Autodesk Maya , I used a primitive shape of a cone and turned in upside . This is the start of modelling the ice cream cone at the side of the stall.

A box primitive was used for the basic shape of the main stall. Holes were made in the mesh so they can be windows later.

The roof was modelled as an extrusion of the shape of the main stall and into the shape of a roof.

Another cone primitive was place ontop of the previous cone to be the basis of the ice cream mesh.

The cone was then modelled to have the swirly ice cream effect.

A signboard was modelled with a box that was scaled sideways.

A seat for customers was modelled from the basic shape of a cylinder. Also seen is a dustbin that was modelled from the polygonal pipe primitive shape.

The bottom of the seat was extruded out to create a stand.

I then imported the main stall into Substance Painter , a software for texturing. Here I apply the colors to the main stall.

The stall needed a logo for visual appeal , I designed one in photoshop.

Logo of the ice cream brand done.

I applied some stripe patterns to the roof's normal map.

For the ice-cream , I painted on red sauce . Upon viewing it as a whole , I decided the red wasnt working so I changed the red to look like chocolate sauce instead.

Texturing the seat, metallic with a red leather cushion.

Texturing the sign board.

For final tweaking, I adjusted the shape of the roof and inserted mini ice cream cones beside the window.

Final renders





Benefits / Improvements

The project requires 3D assets as part of the game environment. The ice-cream stall that I created will be one of the locations in the "theme park" setting of the game. It will enchance the gameplay value and provide appeal to the overall environment.


For the modelling , I used Autodesk Maya . For texturing , I used a software called Substance Painter and a little bit of Adobe Photoshop.

Original files

Here are the FBX file with textures

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Thank you so much for this design. The ice cream cone looks so nice. You put so much attention to detail :).

Thanks @ajayyy , maybe in the future can contribute to more game assets :D

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

thank you so much :D

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