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What is the project about?

A set of JavaScript packages for steem, created with modern and light JavaScript.

Technology Stack

  • lerna
    to organize a set of packages that can be used in isolation. This allows everyone to use only what they need the project.
  • rollup
    To provide various package formats, opening up more possibilities of use.
  • ava
    A simple yet fast and efficient test runner
  • babel
    To ensure compatibility across multiple environments.


  • Interoperable Operation Builder
  • Detached Signature and Broadcasting

Full specs on the projects goals will be soon published

How to contribute?

Contact on Discord (vinicius73#5705), Github Issues or Replying to this post

GitHub Account



Thank you for your contribution. Code commenting on complex logic will be good for the users to know more about the code. Though as of now the project in its early stage (and not that unique) but would love to see how it grows.

And congrats for your first contribution on Utopian, we would love to see more contributions from you.

Link to the Answers of the Questionnaire -

Click here

Need help? Write a ticket on https://support.utopian.io/.
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Thanks, I want to create something useful and quality for the community.

Congratulations on your first contribution @vinicius73, great to once again, work with you on Open Source!

Thanks @hernandev
I'm very excited, I hope to contribute a lot.

@vinicius73, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you an upvote!

Please give me a follow and take a moment to read this post regarding commenting and spam.
(tl;dr - if you spam, you will be flagged!)

Isn't that exactaly what you are doing?

Hey @vinicius73
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

Contributing on Utopian
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