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Logo proposal for List Launcher, open source application, based on the silhouette of a house for being a launcher and with lines simulating a list in order to give a better relation of the application with the icon. The lower frame of the house silhouette does not close to form two L by the initials of the application.


Font Used : Century Gothic Blod

Benefits / Improvements

I want to make a modern logo instead of simple icon, so user will interested with this application. i have just combine the Letter L for List Launcher initial.



To design this icon logo, I use the application CorelDraw X6. I think CorelDraw app is easy for me to use then another apps similar like CorelDraw.



Original files

I prepared some files editable in CDR, PDF and some PNG files with transparent background. You can download HERE



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  • make logotype bigger.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thanks for your advice mod. I'll fix it.

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