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Hello everyone,

My name is Kristian and I am the young activist who enjoys spending time productively. Since I can remember, I was crawling around my old house telephone exploring its hardware components. The first PC 3 I got was my greatest gift in my life since it made me even more engaging with technology and electronics. Soon after, my family got us wire internet connection with the telephone, and then everything changed. I knew that my path leads towards computer science, for which I have just recently got a full equipped position at Jacobs University in Germany, and University of Oklahoma in USA. Following my brother's example who is also software engineer and who is daily exploring and investing in crypto currencies, told me about Steemit last year. I joined in August 2017 on another profile where I was writing lots about my life, education, global problems and many other engaging topics.

I also started following work on Utopian, Swift, and Electroneum and got inspired the most by Utopian and it's open source projects. Recently, I got engaged with couple of projects which I translated into Croatian and Bosnian. I realized how many opportunities are available for everyone (such as Steemit), but not available to people who are unable to speak or read English. Thus, I decided to create this profile and start contributing my community as much as I can, and as much as my time allows me to do so.

Projects which I was involved into are: Byteball Wallet , Byteball Web , Steem Bluepaper , and I am starting with Steem Whitepaper very soon. My profile on Crowdin can be found here.

After successfully accomplishing them, I have realized that I can and want to contribute even more, and thus, help new comers in their work and translations in this category. As prefiously mentioned, I have created this profile where I will be publishing my contributions and where I will be making posts about quality of translations and hopefully create a community which can share experiences and learn from each other about translating. Therefore, more people would help themselves, but also they would help people in their communities who need it the most. I am applying for moderator in order to enable people great online open source project experiences and make them feel as I felt when I got my first PC 3 and wire internet connection. My web page where you can find out more about my life is here. Where needed, I would be pleased to help in translating and reviewing in English, Croatian, and Bosnian.

On this photo you can see me (on the right) and another teacher on on of the Leadership and Public Speaking sessions in Chengdu, China, where we worked together for around 15 days.

I sincerely hope that you will consider my encouragement and application for the position of moderator.

All the best, Kristian.


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