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Utopian for European Commission (EC):

Utopian.io is running this task request on behalf of the EC Blockchain Competence Center (BLKCC).

GitHub Repository:


Project Background:

The EFTG Project background and scope are described here:
European Financial Transparency Gateway (EFTG) EC Initiative

Estimated Task Complexity:


Task Specifications:

Create the PDF preview section of the front end user interface for investors. See Figure 1 for visual reference.

The webpage should use the graphic design, layout and visual identity from the following task request solution:

Figure 1: Investors webpage - PDF preview on the side – Mock Design

PDF Preview

Figure 2: PDF Preview

By default, provide a preview of the last uploaded document.

The preview mode should reveal few pages of the document, enough to cover the full height of the preview section.

The preview section should appear upon selecting a result from the search results grid. A library similar to https://pdfobject.com/#browser-support can be used, in order to display the PDF preview.

The API and data source are not available. For the necessary API calls, the developer should:

  • Identify and document such API calls
  • and provide mock API calls


PDF library to be taken into consideration:


Three (3) weeks, set to start once the candidate selection is made.

How to Register Interest and Gather Further Information:

Please contact us on https://discord.gg/pV5hgDA

Rewards Information:

Rewards generated by this task request will be sent as liquid STEEM to the task solver once the task is completed, as decided by the Project owner.

The task will be considered complete after it has been tested and accepted on our private STEEM blockchain (https://explorer.blkcc.xyz/#/) and when the solvers publish a Utopian post, explaining what they did in order to solve the task.


The right GitHub repository for this task: https://github.com/pablomat/pulsar

Steem price is low, hence rewards aren't what they used to be but be assured that every step forward we take with this project opens more eyes as to the power of this blockchain and, above all, of this community!

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