Calling Designers: Make Our Blog Gorgeous (and get an Upvote & Bounty)!

in utopian-io •  9 months ago


Receiving all the amazing contributions to our request for a Utopian mascot inspired us to reach out to our talented community of designers with another important task.

Utopian is looking to improve the graphic presentation of our announcements and formatted blog posts by having customized banners using our logo and (when applicable) the Utopian Mascot, as well as dividers and other components to make our posts look more visually appealing.


Task Details

Propose a banner for each of the following formats / post topics using the Utopian Logo and (when applicable) the Utopian Mascot. Only submit one contribution containing all the proposals outlined below.

Please make use of the latest source files from our graphics repository on Google Drive.

Utopian Weekly

Utopian Weekly is published every Friday and contains all the updates of the previous week, including development updates, marketing and PR updates as well as future plans and planned projects.

Utopian Magazine

The Utopian Magazine is a new biweekly format that us planned to deliver a digest of interesting Open Source content from around the blockchain and the web.

People Of Utopian

People Of Utopian is a new weekly format highlighting prominent community members in personal interviews.

Open Source Radio Show (Temporary Name)

In collaboration with MSPWaves Utopian will soon launch the Open Source Radio Show highlighting top content and featuring valuable community members, as well as discussion on all things Open Source. The banner designed will be used for announcements and updates regarding the radio show on the Utopian blog.

Generic, Unplanned Updates

Design a customizable banner for generic and unplanned updates that do not fit in any of the above formats. Make this one customizable for both longer and shorter titles.

Dividers, Post Elements and More

Design elegant dividers and other potentially useful post element to make our announcement more visually appealing. Keep these minimalistic.


Please follow the Utopian color scheme, but feel free to experiment and stand out. Remember, the post thumbnail has to grab attention in the feed.

  • The images should be provided in .JPG and .PDF formats as well as a downloadable and editable .AI or .PSD file
    Size - 1280 x 640px
  • All texts should be legible with high enough contrast.
  • Make sure your design will work well in both light and dark theme of Steemit.
  • Making multiple variations and different designs will greatly improve your chance to be selected as winner. Also, please make sure your post (formating, process, construction) is well presented.


Wed. 23th of May. The selected contribution will be announced by 25th of May.


Have questions? Get in touch with us in the #designers channel on our Discord.


All submitted contributions to this task request will be scored and rewarded according to score as per usual.

The top scored contribution to be used in our announcements and publications will be staff picked to receive the maximal upvote for the graphics category, and the task solver will also receive a liquid bounty of 50 STEEM.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Resteeming this to come back to this later. If I have the time, I'll submit something. Thank you for this opportunity.


Thanks sir

Screen 1.jpg

For more details please visit my blog here.


great work!


Thanks :)


I vote for this.


Thanks a lot!

My contribution here

All wizards of the graphics category again have an exciting & enjoyable work to do.. :) Thanks for this TR! Amazing.


nice opinian but not sure ...................

My Contribution


Thanks for the opportunity!

This means a PO can ask for banners!!!!


This is more a set of graphic elements than just banners


Then the mod should say: "you can ask for a set containing banners". Instead of "we don't accept banners", mods should help to do things well next time for the good of the project and the community.


I think that happened to mitigate certain abuses but as long as there is a TR and it is substantial, I think mods shouldn't have an issue.


I agree with you @elear


by TR you mean made in utopian? or the PO can ask directly to a designer too?

Here is my contribution. Link

I am trying to post an article on, but I can't login. Clicking the login button just shows a youtube video. So, my question is, how can I login there?


Hey @hmushtag while our frontend is down for enhancement you can use other frontends to contribute. Read all the details here


Utopian team admits that Discord is the beast way to communicate, so why in other tasks the PO/designer communication is discouraged to be on Discord. If it is public channel so it is accepted?

I have a public discord server for my project and I am planing to open TR for designers; for me is much better to talk on discord because I hope to receive several contributions and working with 'issues' in github could be chaotic. I hope this is reconsidered and Discord communication is accepted for all, not just utopian tasks.

I am not mad or anything, I just want it to be fair for all.

And about the task itself, cheers! It is a good oportunity for us to make utopian look beautiful :)

Oh no!!! I'm reading this too late! ;(

There is going to be an extension for the deadline???

Wow, i will try it. Thanks @utopian.tasks

Finally, now i could really participate, looking forward to this.

Could I use inkscape and gimp rather than illustrator and photoshop?


I think so @mracalf but you may want to ask one of our Moderators in Discord

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