Welcome Utopian Bot v3.0!

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A better, faster, smarter and scalable version of the Utopian Bot is here to ensure you get fairly rewarded on time!


Utopian.io is growing at an exponential rate, so it's no wonder our voting bot is exhausted from all the work. It simply couldn't handle rewarding all your awesome contributions, so in the past weeks it sometimes crashed, voted twice or simply failed to vote at all.

We would like to formally apologize for any error made by our bot, and encourage you to contact us on Discord if you think your post was accidentally missed.

Since it is our top priority to continue rewarding quality contributions to Open Source projects, we've handed our bot to @wehmoen who boosted and upgraded to do be better, faster and smarter.

Moderator Quality Slider

In addition to improved speed and the ability to handle many more contributions every day, the new bot considers the Quality Score assigned to each contribution by the moderators.

When evaluation a submission, moderators select quality values for every contribution using a Quality Slider. This score has impact on the reward distributed.


This score of the contribution is used to calculate the vote to be awarded by the bot.

The basic formula for calculating the vote weight is:

((max_vote - min_vote) * score + min_vote) * category_weight

Higher Rewards, Minimal Downtime

We hope that this development and improvement to the Utopian Bot will allow us to distribute higher reward to quality contributions with no delays or errors.

By continuing to grow, evolve and improve, Utopian.io is revolutionizing the Open Source economy with your help, one line of code at a time.

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief.

Utopian.io is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


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Thank you @elear for @utopian-io!

Because of your platform, I am avoiding going back to the real world of work to do similar things, for people that dont deserve my time!

Thank you!

THANK YOU! For providing always amazing contributions. I wish every member of the community was as great as you are! ;)

Thanks man!

I see it as a job, but it's one I enjoying doing so much more than sitting at a desk.

Honestly so glad this project has appeared on the Steem Blockchain, thank you so much!

Thanks for sharing this. Your comment motivates me to make it work here. My primary job is mom and I'd love to contribute here and not have to go "back to the real world of work."

It's the way forward for sure, freedom to pick and choose our hours and not be sat in offices or whatever. I hope you can find a way, good luck :)

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Thank you for your hard work; and thank you for the transparency. I will have to take some time out and look at the new bot source code so that I can fully understand all of the changes in detail but overall this seems like a good change.

edit: I do have a few misgivings about letting the moderators have the power to influence how much a contributor should get. By giving moderators the power to change the weight of a vote you are also letting bias and subjectivity into the equation. I guess we will have to see how things go from here; though even before this change I did notice that the scores on my posts varied based on who was moderating them.

Not really. Moderators can only influence maximum 20% of the score, while the remaining 80% is set by filling specific questions which are provided for every category.

Thank you for further clarifying this for me. I guess, the other side of the argument is that it encourages people to produce higher quality contributions more consistently.

I really enjoy contributing to Utopian and I can't wait to see where you take the platform in the future.


Never ever

And i Never forget anyone supports Me !

I think I’m starting to get a sense of what role Utopian-io will play for me in the future. I want to start some sort of community project and this is the platform I can utilize more from a business perspective and not just social / content. As I grow my local STEEM community, I can see Utopian-io playing a big role in business development with regards to specific projects or tasks. Thanks for the post!

This is one of the best projects on Steem. Hopefully it will bring more development to the platform and bring great success to us all.

I do not remember how to follow the curation trail. Also how does the trail work? What time figure to set etc?


I get some of my best rewards posting through utopian-io. Do you think an Electrum like wallet would get approval? I started it some time ago and it's command line only at the moment. It's so much easier to test that way.

Should be absolutely fine!

Hi @elear , hope you are doing well! Every day more things to be done for @utopian-io and things are growing progressively well as I see here. Nobody is idle, things go by like a thunder here.

I just wrote a post directed to you about the Steem-Ambassador and @promo-steem project . Hope to get some feedback from you when you get the chance.

A Huge Shout to @elear - This Time some Help to Get @ned 's attention regarding @steem-ambassador Guild and the Entire #promo-steem Project

Regards, @gold84

Reading now!

Congratulations @utopian-io, this post is the second most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 43 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $2383.54. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.


It is awesome to have the bot!

great news @elear we have been waiting for this great news so far. well done Utopin

Well, that escalated quickly. I just comment this 30 minutes ago in your last updated rules, LOL.

ITS very inetresting Idea thank you

how can i use your upvote service?

Thanks a lot for upgrading this bot.

Well done.

Thank you for notice this, hopefully, will contribute more, all can feel its benefits. we hope this will bring change and utopian in a better direction, we also hope that the moderators consider the contribution given to the utopian don't always reject..

The mods will never reject any quality contribution that of course brings value to the project. We are always open for reconsideration if the mistake made is just a minor one. However, you are advised to read through our rule/guideline thoroughly before submitting any contribution.

Pls sir I have not been contributing for the past how many days now.. Cos you ban my account.. Pls help me as this is my only source of income.. I contribute alot, also quality contributions.. Pls help me have message you on discord but no reply again from you.. Pls pls pls sir.


Great job to all on this.

Thank you @elearfor you nice comment and thank you @abh12345

Very Very Amazing. I Like It

Are we still gonna have translations category back or its gone for good?

This is really great and it will really help every contributors to bring out their best content when contributing to the platform....Thank you @elear for informing us about the new development of the Utopian bot.

To aid the community bring out its best, We expect contributors to of course bring out their best in contributing only quality and legit content with the mind set of helping the project. stay tuned, more awesome thing to emerge in the nearest future. Cheers

@utopian-io thanks for the support.....we love you.a proper witness

Just hearing about this I think this is the best of all and I love your services here

Wow that's amazing

Thank you for this. It really means a lot that not everyone gets the same amount of support for each category. Rewarding Steemians who put in the extra time and effort to create content that is truly amazing.

Appreciate you

Congratulation @utopian-io foryour success is our success us will and i hope you will not tired of helping others. I am proud to be your witness.

Nice post, nice to meet you

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I hope the project triumphs good luck

hello @elear i created a post to ask if you're willing to promote Utopian.io in our first Steemit event inside the biggest mall in our city.

Thank you for @utopian-io you've made my top rated post of the month, good work :)

Your post is good, nice to meet you

Setiap ada pogram semuanya di steemit atau utopin selalu ada tanya jawab biar semuanya jelas..dikerjakan yang baik

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